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Choosing Mobalpa means choosing the perfect equation between French know-how and tailor-made support. For 75 years, in the heart of the Alps, we have been designing and manufacturing all our furniture for your interior fittings. We make each project a tailor-made creation to make your living space a unique place, just like you.

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Mobalpa, a specialist in global home furnishings and recognised for many years as a benchmark kitchen manufacturer, has stood out thanks to its customised solutions that meet its customers' needs as closely as possible. For 75 years, the French brand has established itself as a kitchen manufacturer that is concerned with consumer expectations: from the quality of its products to its personalised service, Mobalpa has acquired unique know-how over the decades. Its made-to-measure furniture manufactured in the heart of the Alps demonstrates the mastery of its production teams.

As for design, experts, available throughout France but also abroad, are at the service of customers to meet their furnishing needs either as a kitchen designer or as an interior design specialist. Mobalpa, a kitchen designer par excellence for 75 years The history of Mobalpa: from cabinetmaker to specialist in global home furnishing In 1907, Eugène Fournier, a cabinetmaker by trade, opened a small workshop in the hamlet of "La Cour" near the town of Thônes in Haute-Savoie.

Because of this location, the craftsman logically made skis and chalets, but also devoted himself to making a few pieces of furniture such as kitchen sideboards. Just after the Second World War, Eugène's sons, Paul and Marcel Fournier, decided to specialise their father's business, which was then dedicated to the manufacture of kitchen furniture. This decision led to the creation in 1949 of the Mobalpa brand, a contraction of "mobilier des Alpes". Recognised at the time as a French kitchen manufacturer, the brand has established itself over the decades and has been noticed for its innovations, its constantly evolving design, which is always in tune with the times, and the impeccable quality of its furniture. An unavoidable presence as a made-to-measure kitchen designer For 75 years, Mobalpa has been constantly expanding its network of kitchen designers. Today the brand can count on more than 240 points of sale in France and is also extending its presence abroad. This nationwide network allows this specialist in made-to-measure kitchens to be as close as possible to its customers. In the shops, consumers can see Mobalpa's know-how as a kitchen specialist. Not only is Mobalpa committed to meeting their expectations in terms of quality and design, it is also committed to price transparency. As a kitchen designer and manufacturer of made-to-measure furniture, the brand is keen to detail in its shops all the levers that allow you to adjust your project according to your budget. Thanks to its multiple layout combinations, Mobalpa can make a kitchen with made-to-measure furniture accessible to as many people as possible.

Custom-made furniture from the heart of the Alps A kitchen manufacturer in touch with its territory The French manufacture of made-to-measure furniture is the pride of the Mobalpa company. At a time when so many others have chosen to relocate, the kitchen manufacturer has always placed local consumption at the heart of its concerns. Since its creation, Mobalpa has remained anchored in its native region. Its proximity to the forest and the mountains makes it particularly sensitive to the environment. Thus, Mobalpa's made-to-measure furniture limits its environmental footprint by using raw materials as close as possible to the factory. This local production is also virtuous for the Alps region since the brand employs more than 2000 people in all sectors. Made-to-measure furniture made to last From the creation to the installation of custom-made furniture, Mobalpa controls the quality of its products. Holder of labels (in particular the demanding NF environment ecolabel) and French certifications, it distinguishes itself by the meticulous selection of its materials and mastered manufacturing techniques. Thanks to this know-how, Mobalpa is today recognised as a reference in customised kitchen design: its furniture is made to last, not only because the quality is there but also because the customers' projects are respected to the letter. Experts at your service for your interior design The right answer for every project This expertise as a kitchen designer has led the brand to develop and today it produces quality made-to-measure furniture that meets all the needs of the home. First in the bathroom and then in the dressing room, the brand is now able to find fitting solutions for all projects concerning the home. All the customer has to do is push open the doors of a Mobalpa shop to find a unique and personalised solution. Whether it is a question of fitting out a large entrance hall, finding storage solutions in a studio or designing a parental bedroom from scratch, the made-to-measure furniture created by Mobalpa has the ability to offer a response that is perfectly suited to the desires and needs of the customer. 

Designers who master their subject
It is indeed during the visit to the shop that consumers come into contact with the brand's sales designers. The latter, trained at the Mobalpa centre, are familiar with the kitchen manufacturer's products so as to ensure that the customer's project and customised manufacture coincide. Thanks to these experts in home furnishing, consumers are assured of obtaining an appropriate response to their needs. This privileged relationship between the customer and the designer is one of the strengths of the Mobalpa network. The designer who follows the case has the objective of guiding the customer, advising him according to his needs and sometimes even bringing him new proposals that will satisfy him beyond his expectations.

A chain of experts
Once the project has been established, the designers can offer consumers multiple possible combinations: the colours, materials and accessories offer so many configurations that each project becomes unique. Then it is the turn of production to respect the specifications established by the designers. Finally, the fitters, in constant contact with the brand, ensure that the custom-made furniture is installed in accordance with the rules of the trade. It is thanks to the monitoring of the entire chain, from creation to installation, that Mobalpa has been able to establish itself, not only as a benchmark made-to-measure kitchen manufacturer, but also today as the major specialist in the overall fitting out of the home.