5 ideas

Creating your own kitchen requires a lot of thought. Between constraints, desires and needs, the development plan requires a real upstream work between the client and the designer. Through 5 examples of very different configurations, discover how the solutions provided by Mobalpa designers shed light on the importance of choosing the layout of your kitchen.

Fitting a kitchen under a staircase

Essential for traffic between floors, the staircase is sometimes a real headache when it comes to occupying space. How to optimize the surface area under the stairs so as not to lose comfort and convenience? Thanks to the custom-made furniture, this fitted kitchen intelligently occupies the space under the stairs. It integrates many built-in storage units to perfection. On the aesthetic side, the designer has chosen to create a dialogue between the shapes of the staircase and elements such as household appliances. The many possibilities of customization of Mobalpa furniture allow you to create unique kitchens full of character.

  • equipment - kitchen - under-stairs - view from the ground floor
  • layout - kitchen - stairs - view - face

Design a kitchen that overlooks the entrance

When it is necessary to gain a few square meters to make your home more comfortable, you can choose to install your kitchen right from the entrance. The U-shaped layout of this modern kitchen creates a well defined and comfortable space while keeping a clear horizon. The choice to limit the number of wall units made it possible to keep the volumes very open and in direct connection with the rest of the room. This configuration shows that it is possible to create a real kitchen with quality facilities without having to use too many facilities. The result: a clear entrance and a kitchen that invites you to stay!

  • kitchen-engineering-interview above
  • kitchen in the entrance hall

Open a kitchen in the hallway

Sometimes, a small room in a hallway is the only space available for a kitchen. In this case, the fear of feeling cramped in this room is legitimate. To ventilate and clear the view, it was therefore necessary to find a specific layout. This kitchen had to remain open to the outside without giving up wall storage, which is very important when space is limited. The solution was to offer an open bar area overlooking the lounge and offering a dining area, ideal for a small functional and friendly apartment.

  • kitchen-corridor layout seen from above
  • kitchen layout corridor in view facing

Design a semi-open kitchen

Open or closed, do we really have to choose between these two types of kitchens? With the semi-open fitted kitchen, you can combine the advantages: a clear view thanks to the windows but also a very limited area that offers many storage spaces. An adapted kitchen is a kitchen that meets everyone's requirements. By opting for kitchen furniture specially manufactured for your kitchen, it is possible to design a project in total adequacy with your desires, constraints and objectives.

  • semi-open kitchen layout with top view
  • Design a semi-open kitchen

Arrange a kitchen with an outgoing angle

You don't always choose the layout of your kitchen. On this example of a kitchen fitted with an outgoing angle, designer Mobalpa created optical illusions to erase the impression of a kitchen in a corner. The chosen color, total black look, erases the different levels to create a space that seems more linear. To bring a warm touch, wooden elements such as shelves or bottle racks punctuate the whole. Finally, the upper shelves and the metal niche lighten the upper part to avoid the feeling of containment. The end result is a kitchen that is pleasant to live in and bold in its layout.

  • kitchen layout with an outgoing corner view from above
  • Outgoing black corner kitchen