Differentiate your bathroom

A single interior with two ambiances


Design stylish clever solutions for embellishing and enhancing your interior.

Nevertheless, we’ll make sure that the bathroom is a true reflection of your personality.
This is the reason why we personalize our units and accessories down to every minute detail. Discover how our Mobalpa experts created two ambiances in a single interior with different styles and profiles.



    Choose between the luster of the Manhattan lacquered handless doors, or the soft touch of the Loa collection.




    With regard to lighting, choose between the finesse of the Manhattan mirror furnished with a LED wall lamp, or the mirror and LED lighting combination with a Loa shelf.




    You may select some discreet storage units like the Manhattan model, or add some rhythm with the open units of the Loa collection.

An accessory, two atmospheres!

At Mobalpa we have the attention to detail! That's why we offer you beautiful and astute accessories, which fit your tastes!

  • Saku soft: the elegant double mirror job

    The Saku soft mirror is an astute and aesthetic object. Thanks to its removable magnifying mirror lid, this accessory fits perfectly into the ambience of our Mobalpa bathrooms.

    Pot and mirror: it's up to you!

    The 3-way tilting mirror makes it easy to use. The space of the plane used by the base of the mirror is minimal, it arises everywhere. The mirror alone can accompany you in your movements, discreetly stored in the handbag for example! The lower part of the mirror includes a zamack metal chrome piece to increase the weight, stability and give a quality feel to the set.

    Closed, the product shines by its discretion thanks to its lid in tone on tone; Open, the mirror part of the lid is easy to use because fixable very simply on the product by tilting it.

The material of the soft saku is covered with a special soft paint to guarantee a matt and soft effect, and without trace of fingers ... like our facades soft lacquer!

The two colors, soft black and soft white, fit perfectly with our aesthetic ambiences dark or clear.

The whole collection is elegant, composed of pieces of organic inspiration but with stylish shapes. All accessories are equipped with a rubber protective layer under their base to protect delicate surfaces.

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