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Perfect for spacious, open plan kitchens. The island creates a real focus and designer centerpiece

Island kitchen

The island kitchen is much more than simply a current trend, it is designed around your lifestyle. This kitchen design can create either a harmonious link between your beautiful kitchen and living or dining areas. Alternatively, kitchen island designs can be the main attraction, full of designer flare and functionality. Designed in many different ways, the kitchen island can often contain rounded corners for softness or it can be designed with very clean lines. We can renovate your kitchen, using a number of elements including side panels which match the worksurface, accent colours or customised shelving elements to give your kitchen the personal touch for a relaxed, social environment.

One of the popular kitchen designs is the 'central islands' that are chosen for spacious kitchens (over 20m²). This kitchen layout offers a simple eating area and breakfast bar or for cooking appliances to be situated in the middle of the room to define more clearly each area. When installing an island kitchen, it is important to maintain good circulation around your cooking space, allowing 90 cm for drawers to open and 1m20 for two people to pass easily.

It may be wide enough to accommodate storage on both sides or, if situated in an open plan setting, be designed with decorative shelving for decorative objects visible from the living and dining area.

Other layout examples

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  • Galley kitchen layout

    A galley kitchen is chic and ideal for confined areas of 5 to 10 m². This layout makes use of a single wall but is fully equipped. It is ideal for small areas and open kitchens. It's perfect for city dwellers with confined kitchens.

  • L-Shaped kitchen Layout

    The L-shaped kitchen design is the most popular layout as it requires little space and suits open, half open and closed kitchens. It can also accommodate a breakfast bar or simply define living / dining areas for entertaining with friends and family.

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