The Adria concept

The kitchen reinvents itself as a free environment and partners with the living area. Above all, it becomes its pivoting force, the central element of a household’s life.


We first saw it somewhere in the back of the house, as a separate enclave, totally closed from the rest of the world. Then it slowly joined the living room imitating its furniture. Today, the kitchen is the heart of the home, its atrium. No longer does it play second fiddle, dissimulated in the corner of the room. Its new mission is to assume a structuring role in the living room, and perhaps its centerpiece.


  • Organized by the APCI (Agency for the promotion of industrial design) since 1999, the “Observeur du design” is an annual French design award that brings together and rewards the best accomplishments that meet in an exemplary fashion the innovation criteria for improving end-user comfort, meeting new requirements, environmental compliance…

  • The new kitchen according to Mobalpa, in accordance with the Adria concept, offers a fundamental layout with a double access to the central island. Multifunctional, it boasts an exceptionally multifaceted personality. It offers on one side an ample bar and an area with two glass bookcases, an invitation to feasting, sharing, and dialogue.
    On the other side, it brings together a functional surface, with a cleaning area (sink, dishwasher), the cooking area (hob, canopy, oven), the refrigerator, a selective sorting zone and various storage features.
    The overall design is comprised of elegant finishes reminiscent of a stylish piece of furniture, in white gold metal, Panga oak and glossy black lacquer.
    This island definitely foreshadows the forthcoming kitchen that Mobalpa is slowly disclosing.
    Adria may be furnished with a pull-out worktop that overlays the working area, which refines its integration with the living area. A clever way of hiding the chef’s culinary surprises, of creating a kind of modern haven, a platform for entertaining, and sharing.

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