Open Plan Living

The kitchen has become the central component of a home, and often extends on from the living room. Mobalpa designers take this on-board and offer a matching, personalised visual effect.

  • Solution n°1 : Lend structure to your space

  • A kitchen island that matches the living room.

  • SOLUTION N°2 : Create an attractive, user-friendly transition

  • Made-to-measure units matching the style of your living room

  • SOLUTION N°3 : Play with curves

    Curved, rounded units for a mellow, gentle transition.

  • SOLUTION N°4 : Conceal the kitchen

    Foldable doors that completely conceal all technical components.


  • SOLUTION N°5 : Clear complex areas

    Create storage space and free up space in the kitchen.

  • SOLUTION N°6 : Enjoy cooking in peace and quiet!

    Silent drawers and doors with soft closures.

    Low-noise washing machines.

    Low-noise integrated fridges.

  • SOLUTION N°7 : Banish smells!

    Powerful extractor fans that are sleek, stylish and work with your kitchen.

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