The Mobalpa Plusses

At Mobalpa, there are endless combinations of colours, shapes, sizes and configurations to make every kitchen unique.

  • Practical and ergonomic customised drawer layout

    Fully-equipped drawer - a Mobalpa standard

    Mobalpa drawers are equipped as standard with our exclusive and patented modular cell system. You can store your drawers according to your needs, whether for cooking utensils, cutlery or small accessories. Your drawer is thus totally adapted to your use.

  • Wall units, the detail that makes the difference

    At Mobalpa, the pipe space is of 2 cm but remains invisible underneath the unit.
    It means that there is no need to add a credence or side panel to hide an unwanted space left under the cabinet.

  • Factory-assembled furniture

    All of our kitchen furniture is factory-assembled in our manufacturing plants. This gives our customers an ultra-strong unit, made from high-density materials, for increased durability. Our furniture is also guaranteed for 10 years to give you complete peace of mind.

  • Beautiful hinges, built to last

    Because opening and closing your unit is the most common task in the kitchen, Mobalpa hinges have been tested 200,000 times to ensure we give our customers a hinge that is built to last. With no visible screw heads, integrated soft-close function and tri-dimensional adjustment for exceptional aesthetics and durability, we are so proud of our hinges that we guarantee them for 25 years.

  • Industry leading soft-close

    Our drawers have been developed with an innovative gel damper system built in our drawer runners. This creates a soft closure with a smooth and fluid motion for effortless use and also prevents items from moving inside the drawer. At Mobalpa, we guarantee our drawers for 25 years.

Saving space

  • The inner raised sides of our drawers

    Mobalpa drawers’ raised sides, unlike standard drawers, are straight in order to use the entirety of their volume.

Exclusive furniture ONLY at Mobalpa

Every year, Mobalpa innovates, rethinks its furniture and improves its furnishing solutions to always be one step ahead of your comfort. In response to your specific needs, we have designed these pieces of furniture that you will only find at Mobalpa.

  • Double function Mobalpa kitchen cabinet for grocery store storage

    Double function unit for grocery store storage

  • Meuble double fonction pour rangement de l’épicerie

    Wall unit with integrated niche

The ALTO unit, the best furniture solution of the market

Our ALTO base unit has been designed to maximise the useable space in your kitchen. With a height of 83cm, this unit can give you up to 20% more storage than a standard one. Also, Mobalpa have 4 different plinth heights available to create the most comfortable and user-friendly working height.

    The final height of the worktop is between 91 and 93 cm: this is the most comfortable height for everyday use.
    Higher and deeper than the market standards, ALTO offers you huge storage volume.
    The combination of a slim worktop and discreet plinths offers a highly contemporary design.

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