How can you personalise your open-plan kitchen?

  • A unique kitchen with your own finishing touches

    Start personalising your kitchen by choosing the surface material for your units.  

    Melamine, laminated or even varnished fronts work well with a wooden, granite or quartz worktop and matt or satin handles.

    If you’d like a sleek-looking open-plan kitchen that blends well into the décor, consider choosing handleless doors and drawers.

    At Mobalpa, our designers will help you select materials and finishing touches to make your kitchen look stylish.

    Plants can be used to accessorise your open-plan kitchen


  • Open kitchen Mobalpa atmosphere SIGNATURE custom finishes
  • Plants can be used to accessorise your open-plan kitchen

    House plants in pretty pots on shelves or the centre island will bring a natural, warm glow to your living space.

    If you have green fingers, why not create a plant wall? Natural, original décor that evolves with the seasons. Something to make your kitchen unique!

    Choose plants that don’t need too much attention and can cope well with the temperature changes and humidity of a kitchen. Options include ferns, guzmanias or cacti. Also, don’t forget to put plants in the right place depending on whether they need direct sunlight or not.

    Finally, if your lounge is also sometimes used as a sleeping area, go for a spider plant as it purifies the surrounding air.

  • Open kitchen Mobalpa with a BRIGHT atmosphere of plants and glass roof
  • Using colour to showcase your kitchen

    Make the most of your kitchen by playing with colour.

    Bring out the white in the kitchen by using a stronger splash of colour on one of the walls or by adding colourful ornaments.
    Different shades of colour will give the room character.

    Is there a particular colour you like? Use different shades of your favourite colour on the furniture (chairs, sofa, rug, etc.) to create a harmonious living space!

  • Open kitchen Mobalpa atmosphere SCENARIO colors and glass roof
  • Create a stylish kitchen by using decorative domestic appliances

    Even if most of your electrical appliances are integrated, you can add an extra bit of style through a well-chosen cafetière, kettle or even designer toaster. Whether you go for a vintage style or something more hi-tech, make sure you choose materials that blend well with the cupboard doors, colours and kitchen worktop.

    There’s so much choice: stainless steel, glass, matt black, pearl white and more!

  • Open kitchen Mobalpa with CELESTE credenza and designer floor

    A long backsplash that’s a shade lighter than the floor tiles will gently enhance the character of the kitchen.

  • Open kitchen Mobalpa with CONTEMPORARY atmosphere, credenza and designer floor

    A backsplash made from the same surface material as the kitchen units will catch your eye.

  • Changing the atmosphere with clever lighting

    When it comes to personalising your kitchen, lighting is the final touch. Install pendant lights, wall lights and spotlights with dimmer switches so you can change the atmosphere of the room throughout the day.

    There is such a wide range to choose from, so make sure you consult our article “What’s the best kind of lighting for an open-plan kitchen?”.