How do you bring structure to an open-plan kitchen?

  • Glass partitions create a light, warm and welcoming semi-open-plan kitchen

    Glass partitions have been fashionable for several years now. They have a modern feel and help to structure the space and make it look bigger, while allowing lots of light to enter.

    This glass partition is an excellent compromise between the open-plan kitchen and closed kitchen. You’re close to everyone, but you have a degree of privacy when cooking.

    The kitchen and lounge spaces are separated but not completely divided. You retain the open, sociable element of an open-plan kitchen but reduce noise and the spread of odours.

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  • Even if you’ve chosen ambient lighting in your kitchen, an industrial glass partition will bring a beautiful glow to the room by allowing natural light from the living room to circulate.

    Installing a mid-height glass partition can help you optimise space. For instance, you could install a unit beneath the glass partition on the living room side, and a sink or bench on the kitchen side.

    A semi-open-plan kitchen with glass partition will add depth to your kitchen and can work across both small and large surface areas. Mobalpa's designers will be able to offer you plenty of advice on how to lay out your kitchen.

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  • Sliding doors bring structure to your room

    Another way to separate the kitchen from the lounge in a discreet and attractive way is to install sliding doors. A Sliding partition moves back and forth so you can use a space in different ways, opening up or shutting off the kitchen, depending on the time of day.

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    When the doors are closed, each space is private.

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    Doors open, the room increases in size and it’s easy to move around.

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  • open kitchen Mobalpa with LIMPID atmosphere
  • open kitchen with retractable stations Mobalpa with CONTEMPORARY atmosphere

    Doors closed, the kitchen blends into its surroundings, so you can relax in the lounge without thinking about kitchen activities.

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    Doors open, the kitchen is functional and practical once again, so you can prepare your meals in the best conditions.