How do you choose a fitted kitchen?

Sometimes people worry about choosing their fitted kitchen: am I making the right choice in terms of layout? Am I incorporating enough units? Will the style I choose still be fashionable in a few years’ time? All these questions are completely normal and can even be beneficial when fine-tuning your project. By talking to your Mobalpa designer, you’ll be able to work out how your new kitchen can meet your needs and expectations in terms of layout and décor.

What is a fitted kitchen?

  • What do we really mean by the term ‘fitted kitchen’?

    A fitted kitchen always has fixed units, electrical sockets and plumbing. So, designing your kitchen is about creating something that functions. And then when you add large domestic appliances, it’s called a fully-fitted kitchen.


    The layout design is very important when creating a fitted kitchen. It’s the essential first stage of the project and looks at how to optimise space and the room’s configuration. Find out how Mobalpa can help you optimise space and create a unique kitchen to suit you.


    Made-to-measure Mobalpa units offer a vast range of design solutions and can help you create your dream fitted kitchen, in other words, one that suits your style and organisational requirements.


  • Fitted kitchen with island

What colour should you choose for your fitted kitchen?

When it comes to interior décor, colour is everywhere, from the ceiling to the floor. It’s worth taking plenty of time to consider colour in the kitchen as it’s on the walls, units, worktop or backsplash. The colours you decide to have in your kitchen can have a real impact on atmosphere (green, for example, gives the kitchen a country-like feel). Colour also has an impact on style (so, black makes a kitchen feel more contemporary).

You need to be smart in the way you combine different colours. When planning your kitchen, make sure you discuss colour options with Mobalpa’s designers. They’ll be able to advise you on how to make good use of your favourite colours depending on the space you have and the kitchen layout.


What paint should you choose for your fitted kitchen?

  • Grey and coral colour in a fitted kitchen
  • Once you’ve decided on the colour or colours you’ll be using in your kitchen, you need to think about the type of paint you’re going to apply. As the kitchen is generally a humid room, it should be painted with a waterproof and stain-resistant product.


    You could choose either a satin or matt finish, depending on personal preference. There are individual benefits to each one. However, if you can’t decide between the two, you could go for a velvet finish, which is an interesting compromise between the two.


    Finally, the paint needs to be applied well and maintained to make sure it continues to look good in the long run. Follow the instructions on the tin to get the most out of the paint and achieve a perfect finish. You need to look after the paintwork all the time. When a stain appears, clean it straight away to keep your kitchen as beautiful as it was on the first day.