How do you create the perfect kitchen for the home cook?

Take inspiration from the best restaurant kitchens when developing your plans. Mobalpa has everything you need to create your dream fitted kitchen, just like those in top-class restaurants. You can design the perfect kitchen for creating culinary masterpieces by combining a smart layout with cutting-edge technology and stainless steel.

A clever design

  • Soft closure for kitchen furniture

    High-quality units

    Silent and efficient: the gel shock absorber used as standard on Mobalpa drawers and runners means they close gently and silently. That way, you can guarantee peace and quiet in the kitchen, and all your utensils and units will last even longer.

  • Under lighting of kitchen furniture

    A focus on lighting

    A cook can’t work properly without good lighting. Mobalpa’s lighting solutions mean you can work comfortably when preparing meals in your fitted kitchen.

  • Cellar and custom storage

    Dedicated space

    Chefs need plenty of storage space as they accumulate a wide range of food products and lots of utensils. Mobalpa will help you find a place for everything by designing a dedicated storage space like a pantry or tailor-made units.

  • integrated waste sorting bin

    Clean space

    There’s no compromising on hygiene in the kitchen. With special units dedicated to sorting waste, it will be a lot easier to keep your kitchen spotless, so it will be a much better place for creating beautiful dishes.

High-quality appliances

  • American refrigerator for equipped kitchen

    XXL appliances

    Mobalpa kitchens see the bigger picture. There’s no need to hold back; choose an American-style fridge, extra-large island or stylish extractor hood. Mobalpa’s designers always find a solution when it comes to integrating appliances worthy of a professional kitchen.

  • Built-in hood for fitted kitchen

    Subtle and discreet

    Mobalpa fitted kitchens incorporate electrical appliances that use the latest technology. High-performance extractor fans built into your worktop are very discreet.

  • Piano cooking for equipped kitchen

    A centrepiece

    Some items, like a smart oven range, deserve a prominent place in the kitchen. You could develop the layout of your kitchen around one strong item, which is then enhanced by other surrounding items.

  • Wine cellar for equipped kitchen

    Looking after produce

    To get the most out of produce in your kitchen, you need to look after it and store it under appropriate conditions, so it keeps well. You could choose cutting-edge appliances for your fitted kitchen. Keep your wine in a special fridge, for example, so it tastes as good as possible.

Choose stainless steel

  • Stainless steel storage for chef's kitchen

    Flawless surfaces

    The reason chefs like stainless steel is because it is easy to clean and hard-wearing: important in a busy kitchen. At home, we also want to have a kitchen that’s easy to keep clean and copes well with the whirlwind of family life.

  • Stainless steel taps for chef's kitchen

    A sparkling-clean sink and draining board

    The sink and cleaning area is important. It has to be spotless as hygiene is more important in the kitchen that in any other room. If you want to choose a material that’s easy to clean and hard-wearing, meaning it will last for a number of years, then go for a stainless steel sink and taps.

  • Stainless steel appliances for chef's kitchen

    Pro electrical appliances

    Stainless steel is also a good choice for electrical appliances. It’s both hard-wearing and easy to clean, meaning it’s perfect for high-quality equipment.


  • Stainless steel facades for chef's kitchen

    Stainless steel, right down to the very last detail

    The smallest things make the biggest difference! These subtle, stainless steel doors and drawer-fronts will make your kitchen look sleek and the surfaces are easy to keep clean.