Fitted kitchens

Mobalpa fitted kitchens have been designed so everyone can create their own dream kitchen right down to the smallest detail.

How do you choose a fitted kitchen?

  • Green, grey and white fitted kitchen

    First of all, let’s explain what a fitted kitchen is exactly. Well, a fitted kitchen has storage units attached to the wall plus all the wiring and plumbing you need to carry out all the usual kitchen tasks. So, when choosing a fitted kitchen you need to decide on a suitable layout (L or U-shaped, with an island or not etc.) and the kind of units you want. The best way to furnish a kitchen is to choose individual units that work well in your particular room and adjoining spaces.

    So, ideally you need a bespoke solution, and Mobalpa can provide exactly that with its tailor-made units and a whole host of accessories and finishing touches.

    Colour is also an important consideration at this stage of the project. You have to find and combine the right colours to create the desired atmosphere and style. Finally, don’t forget to choose paint suitable for a kitchen, so the walls stay fresh for a long time and as beautiful as on the first day you opened the door to your new fitted kitchen.

What kind of kitchen layout should you go for?

Talking to your Mobalpa designer is essential when developing a layout to suit your lifestyle and the way you move around your kitchen. Your designer will suggest different possible layouts depending on the configuration of your room and your own personal requirements. For example, you may want an eating area or a ‘monobloc’ island. Mobalpa’s solutions mean you can create unique kitchens to suit you. Finally, there are lots of different fixtures and fittings available so you can create a kitchen worthy of a top chef.

  • Black and blue fitted kitchen
  • Black and white fitted kitchen

Of course, there will always be some practical and spatial constraints, but choosing a kitchen is mostly about selecting a particular style and look. The best way to work out the ideal layout for your kitchen is to draw inspiration from existing designs and choose one you find both practical and appealing. A good way to do this is to visit Mobalpa’s stores and showrooms. You’ll be able to look at different layouts in situ. Wander around the different displays, touching and opening the units to help you narrow down your choices and create a fitted kitchen that works perfectly for you.

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