How do you choose the right open-plan kitchen for you?

  • Open kitchen Mobalpa with center island and dining table

Before choosing your open-plan kitchen, you need to source lots of background information so the kitchen can be appropriately designed and laid out to make the most of this sociable space.

  • Open-plan kitchens: what do you need to know before you start?

    If you want to increase the size of your room and improve the flow of movement around it, then knocking down the dividing room between the kitchen and lounge can work well. The room becomes brighter and more sociable.

    An American kitchen works well for all surface areas, small or large. But you do need to make sure there’s a certain amount of coherence across the whole living space.

    Even if you love cooking, you still need to make sure the size of your fitted kitchen suits the surface area of the whole room. And the kitchen design should work with the interior décor as a whole.

    However, there are some disadvantages to this type of kitchen. Sometimes, smells and noise from the kitchen can bother other members of the family relaxing in the lounge area. So, it’s worth carefully choosing kitchen appliances (small and large) so you can limit problems such as these.

    Finally, it’s important to retain dedicated space for different activities. So, try to organise your kitchen-lounge in a smart way by clearly marking out each individual area (breakfast bar, dining area, lounge area, library).

    This is something our designers at Mobalpa will take into account when drawing up your plans.

  • How can you make your open-plan kitchen look as good as possible?

    The colour you choose for the walls, fronts of units and drawers, lighting and flooring all play a key role.

    The idea is to create a certain level of coherence across the whole living space.

    Try taking colour schemes and certain patterns from the lounge and incorporating them in your fitted kitchen.

    When it comes to lighting, try pendant and atmospheric lights or integrated spotlights above the worktop.

    Lighting can also be used to create a warm atmosphere in the dining area.

    In terms of flooring, choose different surfaces and styles for each of the two spaces, but keep an element of continuity at the same time.


  • Mobalpa U-shaped open kitchen

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