New Allure sliding drawers

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ALLURE, customisation and designs to suit your needs and tastes!

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    A shape with graphic and
    refined lines.

    + UNIQUE

    5 customisation options:
    - Full metal, smoked or transparent
    tempeted glass raised sides, as a standard.
    - Oak or wallnut solid wood raised sides,
    as an option.


    Runner resistance up to 70kg:
    unfailling sturdiness.
    Non-slip mat as standard: optimal user
    convenience and acoustic comfort.

Interior drawer customisation

  • Standard modula partitions.

    Modular to organize your accessories, utensils and cutlery. Their half-moon shape makes it easy to hold. They can be accessorised with specific wooden or ceramic elements.

  • Wooden partitions.

    Made of solid oak with modular partitioning in lacquered metal, they can be adapted to their content. These noble and aesthetic materials can accommodate many accessories, for a unique organisation.

A thousand and one ways to organise your sliding drawers with Woodtrend dividers or racks.

  • The separators

    The separators.

    The contents of your sliding drawers remain in place and are perfectly organised with the metal bar and its removable separators.

  • Woodtrend lockers.

    Woodtrend boxes.

    Multi-format and stackable as desired, Woodtrend solid oak crates elegantly organize the contents of your sliding doors and are easy to transport (with their integrated hand grips).

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