New open-plan kitchen trends

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1st trend: centre island with integrated table

Centre islands are both stylish and functional. A number of kitchen units can also be integrated into the island as well as a sink or cooker.

These days, it’s fashionable to have a table integrated into the centre island. This enhances both the practical and social side of the open-plan kitchen.

Having a separate dining room table is becoming less popular as this solution can save space.

In a spacious lounge, this dining area is directly connected to the kitchen and becomes the focal point in the room.

new trends in open kitchens

2nd trend: table extending from the worktop.

A table extending from the worktop saves space and is an attractive feature in an open-plan kitchen.

Make sure there’s at least one metre around the table for movement purposes, and so you can all sit at the table and pull your chairs back.

Also, the table should be at least 70 centimetres deep (better still, 85-90 cm so you can put down dishes between plates). And a length of at least 60 cm is ideal so you can sit comfortably, and guests don’t get in each other’s way.

The extended worktop table is great at breakfast time and also suitable for meals with family or friends. However, the seats are higher than at a traditional table as people need to be at the same level as the worktop.

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3rd trend: glass partition

Installing a glass partition brings a degree of structure to the space and looks very attractive. The fact that glass is a transparent material means the partition is not only stylish, but also allows a lot of light to enter what we call a semi-open-plan kitchen.

Industrial glass partitions work well in small or large areas and it’s possible to install fixed, sliding or hinged partitions. An adjustable partition is useful, so you can change the configuration of your living space.

At Mobalpa, our design experts create bespoke, personalised kitchen plans depending on individual lifestyles, needs and wishes.

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