Open-plan kitchen: 5 layout ideas

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  • Your choice of kitchen layout will depend on the configuration and surface area of your room.Once we’ve established the fundamental kitchen work triangle, Mobalpa’s experts will design and organise a kitchen to suit you.  

    Discover our 5 open-plan kitchen layout ideas.

  • Layout idea no.1: Centre island

    The centre island is an integral part of any spacious and sociable open-plan kitchen. A kitchen layout that incorporates an island is modern and functional and works well when it comes to the practicalities of a kitchen (food prep areas, plenty of units, etc.) while providing an attractive way to separate the kitchen space from the lounge area.

    Kitchen islands can include a washing-up area and hob as well as numerous kitchen units, meaning you have everything you need at arm’s length.
    You can prepare meals on the island’s attractive worktop but also eat meals there or chat over a coffee. These days, centre islands provide a space where the whole family can gather together, and become a special place at the heart of the home!


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  • All open-plan kitchens of at least 15 m2 can incorporate an island.

    This is because you need a space of at least 1 metre around the whole island, so it’s easy to move about.

    At Mobalpa, we will design a bespoke kitchen island for you. We will take into account the space you have available, your preferred style, and your way of life.

    If you’d like to clearly mark out the border between the kitchen and lounge areas, then choose a long, narrow kitchen island.
    A compact, square island with narrow units is perfect for making the most out of limited space.

    Showcase your ornaments and decorative items in colourful open shelf units with lighting!
    Consider having a table integrated into the centre island which you can use for breakfast or meals with family or friends .

    Finally, choose the colours to suit you, depending on whether you would like a designer, contemporary, rustic or industrial-style kitchen. Wood, natural stone, stainless steel, metal, etc. can all enhance your fitted kitchen with a modern and sociable island!

  • Layout idea no.2: U-shaped kitchens

    The U-shaped kitchen, incorporating three wall faces, is only used for large surface areas.

    This layout is perfect for an open-plan kitchen and incorporates the ergonomic kitchen work triangle, a large worktop, comfortable breakfast bar and plenty of units.

    At Mobalpa, our range of bespoke units can be customised to fit any kitchen, so you maximise the space available, including every nook and cranny.


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  • Layout idea no.4: Galley kitchens

    Galley kitchens offer the perfect layout for small surface areas (less than 15 m2). They work well in a semi-open-plan corridor-style kitchen or a kitchen that opens onto the lounge and just as units on one wall face.

    If you have two parallel lines of units, make sure there’s at least 1.2 m between the rows.

    You can save a few centimetres by installing bespoke units and doors and drawers without handles.

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  • Layout idea no.5: outside corner kitchens

    Outside corner kitchens work across all surface areas. The unique layout means you can maximise the space available by using a corner a very stylish way.
    An open-plan outside corner kitchen adds character to the whole living space. An L-shaped centre island adds the perfect finishing touch to this unusual, modern kitchen layout.

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