Our top 5 fitted kitchens

There are so many things to think about when you’re planning your new fitted kitchen: the surface area, configuration, fixtures and fittings etc. It’s worth working with our professionals on this kind of project, as they’ll perfect your design down to the smallest detail so you can achieve the best possible result. Here are a few examples of exceptional kitchens that demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of Mobalpa’s designers when it comes to any kind of layout.

Signature Style

  • Mobalpa's signature kitchen design
  • kitchen layout plan Mobalpa's signature

This Haussmannian-style apartment has high ceilings and a herringbone parquet floor. The design of the kitchen was developed to give the room a touch of old-fashioned charm while retaining a completely modern appeal and finish.

  • Fenix matt worktop

    Fenix worktop

    The Fenix work surface is ideal for this kitchen as it has a matt finish that’s smooth to the touch.

  • open shelves for the kitchen

    Open shelving

    When you’re designing a kitchen, you don’t need to hide everything behind closed doors. Attractive crockery can be put on display.

  • façades de cuisine sans poignées

    Handleless doors and drawers

    Our push-button system means you can forget handles altogether. Smooth, sleek door fronts follow the design of the monobloc island to good effect.

Iconic Style

  • Mobalpa's iconic kitchen design
  • Iconic kitchen layout plan of Mobalpa

The design of this new open-plan fitted kitchen works well in this modern extension. It’s both practical and attractive, making the most of light coming through the glass doors. The Iconic-style kitchen plays with unusual colours and incorporates a pantry unit to increase storage space and declutter the kitchen. This makes the room more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Modular credenza for kitchen

    Adaptable backsplash

    Thanks to the unique structure of Mobalpa’s wall panels, you can add accessories to your backsplash, depending on your specific requirements.

  • integrated lighting for kitchen furniture

    Subtle lighting

    We offer lots of different lighting solutions. LED lighting inside units is both practical and attractive.


  • storeroom for custom kitchen

    Tailor-made units

    This pantry unit incorporates a number of interior units to maximise storage space. Making the most of every centimetre!

Boreal Style

  • Boreal kitchen design by Moblapa
  • Mobalpa Boreal Development Plan

How can you turn an awkward space into a real advantage? Mobalpa’s designers have created a fitted kitchen that uses an outside corner to open up a walkway between the lounge and dining room. The Boreal-style kitchen incorporates tailor-made units, showing it’s always possible to adapt a kitchen design to your own unique space.

  • Kitchen furniture for bottles and spices

    Bottle, herb and spice rack

    This unit, which is exclusive to Mobalpa, has three unique interior shelves, providing yet another solution when organising your kitchen.


  • Furniture with open niche

    Open shelf unit

    This line of open shelf units on a kitchen island provides visual unity and brings variation to the whole design.

  • Kitchen furniture for tea towels

    Unit with tea towel hooks

    Even tea towels, cloths and cleaning products can have their own storage space.

Celestial Style

  • Celestial Kitchen Furnishings by Mobalpa
  • Celestial kitchen layout plan by Mobalpa

The fitted kitchen that works well in your house should also reflect your taste in terms of décor. Colours and materials play a key role here. The Celestial-style fitted kitchen has a modern appearance with its smoked-glass windows, natural, textured concrete worktop and midnight blue walls. It’s also highly practical.

  • Mobalpa's full double outlet cabinet

    Double unit with full-extension

    Try this solution that’s exclusive to Mobalpa, and ensure all your ingredients are easy to access when you store them all away.

  • Dining room in the kitchen

    Breakfast bar

    It doesn’t matter how much room you have; you can always fit in a breakfast bar.

  • meuble alto de Mobalpa

    Alto units

    Mobalpa has developed base units that make it easy to move around the kitchen while maximising storage space.

Scenario Style

  • Kitchen layout Scenario by Mobalpa
  • Kitchen layout plan Mobalpa scenario

When you have a large surface area available, an open-plan kitchen isn’t your only possible solution. This integrated kitchen has a workshop-style glass partition, separating the kitchen from other living areas, but not completely shutting it off. Stylistically, the room has the feel of a professional restaurant kitchen with its stainless steel units and generous worktops.

  • Dual function Mobalpa furniture

    Dual-purpose units

    This unit, which is only available at Mobalpa, can be adapted to suit your needs.

  • Mobalpa kitchen metal niches

    Metallic open shelf unit

    Display your favourite objects in our metallic open shelf units and make your kitchen look even more attractive.

  • kitchen wall unit with niche

    Wall unit with integrated open shelf unit

    Another solution that’s exclusive to Mobalpa that allows you to showcase your glassware and crockery.