Lighting: It's all in the detail

Our different lighting solutions

  • Your designer will create your walk-in wardrobe according to your habits and preferences. To equip and decorate it, there are many different LED lighting solutions: spotlights, hanger rails, equipped shelves, dimmers or automatic activators, etc.

  • Hanger rails

    It provides aesthetic and functional lighting. Ideal to have good visibility when choosing one's clothes.

  • Equipped shelves with automatic activators

    They are triggered as soon as you open the door, with ease.

  • LED lighting

    LED spotlights with low energy consumption can be used on the ceilings of storage units. It is possible to add a dimmer that adjusts to the needs of each.

  • The dimmer

    It will allow you to adjust the light to your need, and at the time of day...

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