A blue and white kitchen with an island

We adore our kitchen and living room, designed in perfect harmony, and in keeping with our apartment’s Scandinavian feel.
  • The couple’s wishes

    In their own home, perched atop a brand new building, the couple have built their own cosy little nest. These DIY enthusiasts have tastefully fitted out their attic, opening onto a beautiful terrace with a view over the surrounding natural environment.

    What were their wishes? A beautiful kitchen, welcoming, original and practical, featuring a central island that would indulge in one of their other passions; good food. They enjoy sweet pastries in particular, a pleasure they like to share with their daughter.

  • 3D kitchen plan
  • The view of the kitchen designer

    The couple fell in love with the Patchwork trend kitchen, in blue, white and wood. They also placed great importance on their central island. And despite a separating wall, their kitchen is entirely visible from the living room. This explains the choice of living-room furniture, featuring harmonious colours entirely coordinated with the rest of the room.

Style and practicality on the kitchen side

Special attention was paid to the units’ layout, in order to ensure natural circulation around the central island, situated opposite the bay window.

  • Anything special about this island? It houses the cooker hob and, most importantly, the sink and the dishwasher. This is quite a rare fit-out in an apartment. While the inclusion of a false ceiling with built-in spotlights brings an additional decorative touch to the room, the overall concept is underlined by the discrete presence of a suspended hood with a streamlined light-fitting design.

    To the right, a wall of tall cabinets surrounded by a casing unit houses the main appliance: two ovens, one traditional and one steam, a flush-fit coffee machine and a fridge. This arrangement brings a light feel to the kitchen, while also ensuring good ventilation. At the rear of the island, under the wood-tone worktop, numerous deep drawers have been provided for storing tableware, cutlery and kitchen utensils.


Storage units and a welcoming layout on the living room side

  • Against the wall demarcating the kitchen and living area, three kitchen units are arranged in staggered rows, with their Luna fronts, white and veined basalt finish, and storm blue Tallys. All these elements contribute to the decorative feel of the living space, while also offering extra storage areas.

  • In the dining room space, the table and its legs are made from light oak-coloured wood, as are the worktops, for a warm atmosphere.

  • The living-room unit is all about practicality and elegance – with its deep drawers featuring discrete brushed stainless-steel handles – and offers numerous open shelves enabling the owners to customise it and express their own decorative preferences.

  • Kitchen and living room:

    • Sierra oak laminate worktop Sierra oak
    • Fronts: - White veined Luna - Storm blue Tallys - Basalt veined Luna
    • Model Handleless model / stainless steel profile

    ©Photographer: Théo JAFFRE