A full length kitchen with a central island

Employing a modern aesthetic, in continuation with the living room and laying important emphasis on storage!
  • Craig
  • The couple’s wishes.

    When moving into their new apartment with their son, the couple had to temporarily set aside their dreams of far-off travels. Nonetheless, they will be able to enjoy lots of cycling, running and trips to the countryside… not to mention a few weekends of DIY as they entirely renovate their new family nest.

    What could be best to fit out a surface area of 93 m2, without any partitions than creating a large, harmonious living space?

    This was the highly specific challenge given to Mobalpa’s designer.

  • 3D kitchen plan
  • The kitchen designer’s viewpoint

    Since the apartment was having work carried out, we were able to modify the surface area of the kitchen compared to the proposed technical plans. As such, it was possible to make the partition wall of the bedroom to measure, facilitating our designer’s assignment by allowing the kitchen to “synch” with the apartment’s living area.

    The secret to the success of this kitchen? The creation of a large and highly functional storeroom/laundry (containing the oven and the fridge), extended by a cupboard on the hall side and open-shelf units on the lounge side.


  • Modernity and functionality through linear design

    For this kitchen laid out lengthwise, the cooking area and sink have been arranged against the main wall, with varnished matt black tall units concealing the hood. Vast varnished matt white sliding units have been deployed to facilitate storage.

    While the owners wanted a black kitchen, our designer also suggested they add some white to emphasise the sleek lines, then bring warmth to the overall look with a touch of Burgundy-oak coloured wood.


Choosing the right worktop

For this project, the owners were guided towards glossy white quartz with a thickness of 12 mm, which is very restrained, yet also highly resistant. Ideal for a large island in a kitchen with a dining area and for a worktop exceeding three metres, the practical and decorative idea was to extend it with wood-coloured laminate, turning it into a coffee-machine area with obvious appeal, especially in the morning before leaving for the office.

  • How about storage space on the lounge side?

    Under the central island, the remit was to retain the streamlined look of the living area. Handleless units, to avoid any kitchen reference, and push-button doors with black and white fronts, were produced to match the overall design without forgetting the hint of Burgundy oak found in the open-shelf units and doors.

    The icing on the cake? Made-to-measure storage cabinets opposite the hall of the apartment, with highly elegant and refined full-length doors. And the addition of living-room units in the same colours, ensuring a kitchen which fits perfectly into the rest of the lounge… and "vice versa".

    • Melia kitchen in matt white varnished white, matt black varnished black and structured Burgundy oak Luna
    • Handle Black matt soline
    • Worktop Quartz absolute white gloss absolute white

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