A kitchen open to the living room

A kitchen that melds seamlessly with your lifestyle. A soothing white that's perfect for moments shared with the family.

Zen Attitude

Simple and practical, the kitchen ticks all the right boxes: lots of different storage spaces, an utterly contemporary white lacquered finish for extra depth and luminosity.
The result? A zen-like feel for this very busy family.

You and your kitchen

Your preferences

Because the kitchen opens out on to the living-room, we wanted something discrete and uncluttered. We spend a lot of time at work, so we wanted that soothing feeling of coming home to somewhere clean and tidy. We needed a kitchen packed full of solutions for quick and easy cleaning and tidying.

Your inspiration

I read a lot of interior design magazines, and like airy, uncluttered, contemporary spaces. I also have a soft spot for white. It's a soothing and reassuring colour that is simultaneously luminous and elegant.

Your vision

A kitchen that would melt away into the background: wall-mounted, integrated cupboards, handle-free units, curtains used ingeniously to conceal visible objects and kitchen appliances whilst remaining easy to access, and easy storage. I love cooking with the kids, and I love my kitchen's layout: the different areas are clearly delineated, we can all cook and move around easily without feeling crowded. And then tidy up in a flash!

Your advice

Think things through from a practical angle: a big sink, choose something sturdy and beautiful for the worktops, go for luminous unit cladding that's easy to wipe down and feels nice to the touch. These are all things to bear in mind if you want a kitchen that becomes a space to relax in on a daily basis.

Your favourite part of the day

Breakfast and snack times, two special moments in the day when I can really spend quality time with my children. We treat ourselves to something sweet, we have a chat, laugh a lot. It's essential to our well-being as a family.

By opting for pure, timeless white, the couple have managed to combine style and functionality. Their designer chose simple lines and optimised layouts to turn the kitchen into a peaceful, flexible space.

  • Design: Gaïa glossy lacquered white Absolute White Pierredeplan worktop
  • Copy: Virgile Communication
  • Photos: DGC Photography