Love, Life and Family

The owners and their children have just moved in to their new apartment. Life is busy, happy and full of new things to try and explore. Their kitchen reflects who they are: a Saturday morning, when the family gathers around their big kitchen counter for a delicious brunch.

A family of four in a new-build, contemporary apartment.
A single room combining entrance hallway, living room and kitchen.
Mélia ivory and Luna structured natura brown
Laminated structured natura brown and Jaspé Sahel Quartz worktop
A warm, modern mix of brown oak worktop and glossy ivory cupboards.
Handle-free cladding for an uncluttered feel.
Large wall-mounted cupboards for maximum storage space, bringing together and concealing an oven, fridge and freezer.
A worktop that extends out into a cosy eating space to seat six.
Units on the living-room side for storing crockery.

THEIR GOAL: to come together as a family, maximise storage space and enjoy a designer feel.

What was your vision for this new kitchen?
We wanted to be able to spend our evenings together cooking whilst the rest of the family relaxed in the living-room. We wanted to all be able to be doing different things, but in the same room. The concept of a kitchen opening onto the living-room appealed, featuring a large kitchen counter worktop for our meals (especially Sunday lunch), and lots and lots of storage space!
Was the design aspect important to you?
We gave the apartment a complete makeover before moving in. Which means we had the luxury of choice and starting from scratch. We wanted space, loads of practical features and an on-trend feel!

What materials and colours did you use to create that atmosphere?

We opted for a brown natura oak on our kitchen counter worktop and table, which lends the space that warm feeling, and which works well with our grey sofas in the living-room.

We then contrasted that with a very clean and contemporary feel thanks to the glossy ivory cupboards, which is reiterated in the quartz worktop, as well as the induction hob.

What's your kitchen's handiest feature?

Our favourite thing is how the counter has been laid out, with storage units on the living-room side for crockery and small appliances. You know, the kind of appliances you only ever use once in a blue moon!

There's also the sink designed as an extension of the worktop, which was a fantastic idea. It's so much easier to cook now, to get the washing-up done and wipe all the surfaces down in one go…


    The owner also has a soft spot for the integrated wine cooler: a very stylish addition to this kitchen and a great way of impressing guests!


    The depth of the worktop means the space is maximised and storage units can be placed on the living-room side.


    Design a kitchen that fits your lifestyle!

    We're a very modern, connected family, so we chose to embed a USB outlet directly into our kitchen counter, allowing us to charge our tablets and phones whilst we cook - perfect!

©Photographer: Ludovic di Orio