An open kitchen with central island

In my practical open kitchen, I can enjoy a drink with my friends
  • Kitchens designed for you.

    Having decided to completely renovate his home, the owner took advantage of the opportunity to modify its layout, extending the kitchen space and creating a walk-in wardrobe. He envisioned his ideal kitchen as one that would be timeless, modern, warm and, above all, open. But it would also be optimised for storage, so that everything would be within easy reach.

    It would be a room well-suited to his lifestyle. Cooking would be a pleasure, and would not prevent him from spending time with his guests.
    And because every detail is important to the owner, he and his decorator, chose from a selection of kitchens in the designer style.

  • The kitchen designer's vision

    What was the starting point for fitting out this matt black kitchen, and the reason that it was special? The creation of an L-shaped false ceiling, allowing for the installation of a projector, lighting and an integrated ceiling hood. The cooking section is elegantly delineated with a quartz splashback, which covers the entire height. Another decorative touch is the ribbon of LEDs in the baseboards of the units, which highlights the flooring that is made of white diamond tiles, set into the solid parquet floor.

Made-to-measure and space-saving furniture


    Units with high baseboards have been made, in order to match the height of the owner. To take advantage of this space, drawers have been fitted under the central island. The depth of the compartments also made it possible to add extra cupboards on the living room side.
    In terms of storage space, practicality is key: a cupboard with deep drawers for storing food, located to the right of the 4-door refrigerator, an under-sink unit for easy access to cleaning products, and a waste bin with a very practical and hygienic anti-odour lid.

  • The elegance of quartz and the warmth of wood

    The preparation area has a quartz worktop that is 2cm thick, while the worktop in the dining area is made of light wood that is 4cm thick. The harmonious colours and the materials that were chosen create a delineation between the two spaces, even down to the stools, which are made from cases of wine, representing the volume of the barrels.

Optimised dressing room under a sloped roof

Upstairs, a custom-designed dressing room has been created, in spite of the constraints of both the ceiling’s slope and its beams.

Its unique aspect? A U-shaped layout with a return.