A small kitchen opening onto a lounge

An optimised kitchen and harmonious spaces, for living the life I always dreamt of.
  • The owner’s wishes.

    This brand new fully fitted apartment.
    This is a property which was ideal for upgrading with the creation of a small kitchen opening onto the lounge.
    The challenge given to Mobalpa’s designer? Designing all the rooms as a continuation of the kitchen, while also optimising circulation, light diffusion and storage. The project also had to meet the owner's demands in terms of refinement, simplicity, fluidity and a natural feel.

  • The kitchen designer’s viewpoint

    How best to fit out a kitchen with a small surface area in a compact living space
    of 50 m2, with an open bedroom and lounge?
    The kitchen designer first proposed that the guiding thread should be the Melia varnished matt white range chosen by the owner. These fronts can therefore be found in the kitchen, lounge, bedroom and bathroom, bringing consistency to the apartment as a whole.

  • A streamlined kitchen as a starting point

    Since the restricted space does not allow for a central island, a moveable side table was the natural solution adopted for the dining area.
    Wall storage units with a lifting system, built-in spotlights and a flush-mounted hood give this kitchen an airy sense of movement,
    while a vertical unit creates a break along the longest section of wall.
    For cooking, a combined induction hob and microwave oven have been chosen as a space-saving solution.

Any interior-decor tips for fitting out a small open kitchen?

Tiles from the Puzzle range by Mutina, deployed here for their graphic appeal, both elegant and masculine. Lastly, included as an extension of the kitchen’s sliding base units, a TV unit has been created at an angle, in beige tones to mark the change of purpose.

  • Creation of made-to-measure separating units

    To meet of the owner's initial demand, i.e. separating the lounge from the bedroom, The kitchen designer designed an open/closed destructured unit, with wooden open-shelf units and functional handleless storage compartments, on the lounge side.
    Conceived as a kind of filter, this “totem pole” sets the tone for the room while also while also letting light in.
    Lastly, a solid oak screen, made by one of Mobalpa’s partners, marks out the space between the lounge, the kitchen and the bedroom. This is a decorative element, which, while bringing warmth to the room, proves thoroughly useful.

A fit-out extending right into the bathroom

  • Behind the bedroom wardrobe, the bathroom has everything required.

    An Italian-style shower, a sink unit with beige deep drawers echoing the TV unit, and lots of full-length storage spaces in matt varnished white, as seen in the kitchen, lounge and adjoining bedroom. Without forgetting the discreetly integrated washing machine or the refined, copper-coloured mixer tap.
    Result: a sleek and elegant bathroom, in keeping with the apartment as a whole.

    • Melia varnished matt white kitchen. Melia made-to-measure grey-beige TV unit
    • Corian matt white worktop
    • Melia varnished matt white and Kiffa light sierra oak bookcase unit
    • Loa matt grey-beige and Melia varnished matt white bathroom.