Studio fit-out with small open kitchen

A chic urban concept adapted for rental use
  • Kitchens designed for you.

    We met a couple who are looking to modernise an entire studio. What are they expecting? To find a concept that will have everything integrated, designed specially for their space, and that will use high-quality, durable materials. In terms of style, they chose a modern, contemporary model, as it will be ideal for a rental apartment.

  • The kitchen designer's vision

    They have a Mobalpa kitchen in their second home, which they are very fond of, so the owners naturally got in touch with the kitchen designer of Mobalpa.
    For this studio, the instructions were clear: to create coordinated and harmonious spaces, from the kitchen to the living room and from the bedroom to the bathroom, moving through the hall.

    The original plan was to keep the kitchen closed off, but the kitchen designer of Mobalpa suggested swapping round two of the spaces. The proposed bedroom used to be the living room and the kitchen would be where the bedroom was. This idea ended up winning over the owners.

    So in order to keep the sleeping area separate from the living area, the kitchen was moved over to the living/dining room side. An opening with a glass partition delineates the space and gives the bedroom an impression of depth.

  • A kitchen that is open, yet intimate

    The couple love trendy styles and colours, so they chose a solid, grained worktop, an easy-care tiled splashback, a built-in fridge and a sleek, highly decorative hood. Everything is designed to make you forget that you are in the kitchen. The low units have no handles, and the glossy varnished wall units match the ones in the living room, with sage green outlines.

Storage is a priority

  • A wardrobe unit with internal drawers adds cachet to this kitchen with dining area.

  • Very practical also for storing groceries, as are the large drawers with integrated handles Soline stainless steel finish. The little detail that makes the difference in everyday life?

  • A trash can has been integrated right next to the sink and the dishwasher. And to store everything you don't want to see, many cupboards have been provided, in addition to the cellar.

  • A fit-out extending right into the bathroom

    The owner was very involved in decorating the apartment. By choosing a bathroom with very modern, chic industrial design, she has managed to create a small, cosy space where you can spend time.

The advantages of the concept

  • Kitchen:
    Isea Serac oak synchronous effect: base units
    Melia basalt gloss varnished, Soline handle: wall units
    Futura Botticino Worktop

    Living room units: Serac oak, sage green and basalt

    Bedroom units and headboard:
    Basalt woven (Alya facade) + glossy ivory (Melia)

    Bathroom units:
    LOA nature structured oak
    Quartz slate glossy worktop



    ©Photographer : Sabine Serrad