Walk-in wardrobes Doors - Materials and colours

Final touch or starting point of your future walk-in wardrobes, discover our 131 door materials and colours.

Fenix Kos white

Matt & satin white

Glossy white

Matt & satin aravis & polar white

Glossy aravis & polar white

Satin polar white

Glossy polar white

Veined white

Grained white

White thermostructured, linen effect

Glossy kashmir

Matt & satin kashmir

Fenix arizona beige

Matt & satin grey-beige

Do you need help choosing a colour?

Our professional designers will make every effort to fully understand your requirements so that your new kitchen truly embodies your lifestyle. They will explore every possible layouts to help you give birth to your new dream kitchen and enjoy your new daily environment.

Glossy grey-beige

Matt & satin basalt

Glossy basalt

Basalt thermostructured, linen effect

Fenix grigio londra

Matt & satin tin grey

Glossy tin grey

Fenix grigio antrim

Matt & satin graphite

Glossy graphite

Graphite thermostructured, linen effect

Fenix piombo doha

Matt & satin sepia

Glossy sepia

Fenix cacao orinoco

Matt & satin platinium grey

Glossy platinium grey

Fenix ingo black

Matt & satin black

Glossy black

Jet black synchronous

Matt & satin midnight blue

Glossy midnight blue

Fenix moroccan blue

Satin duck blue

Glossy duck blue

Satin stormy blue

Glossy stormy blue

Matt indigo

Glossy indigo

Satin emerald blue

Glossy emerald blue

Satin sage green

Glossy sage green

Satin genoa green

Glossy genoa green

Fenix verde comodoro

Satin light purple

Glossy light purple

Satni tamarisk pink

Glossy tamarisk pink

Satin coral

Glossy coral

Matt & satin cardinal red

Glossy cardinal red

Fenix rosso jaipur

Glossy merlot

Matt garance red

Satin imperial red

Glossy imperial red

Matt pumpkin

Glossy pumpkin

Matt & satin ochre

Glossy ochre

Matt curry

Glossy curry

Serac oak synchronous

Serac oak synchronous

Structured ash

Reflex thermostructured steel

Reflex thermostructured bronze

Reflex thermostructured white

Matt varnished steel grey

Matt varnished copper steel

Matt varnished graphite steel

Metallic lichen thermostructured

Metallic carbon thermostructured

Metallic bronze thermostructured

Metallic copper thermostructured

Metallic silver thermostructured

Fenix acciaio Hamilton

Fenix oro cortez

Fenix argento dukat

Thermostructured ecru leather

Thermostructured chocolate leather

Grey Thermostructured, linen effect

Grey grained

Structured grey cement

Structured light cement

Matt varnished grey concrete

Matt varnished titanium concrete

Matt varnished graphite concrete

Structured burgundy oak

Structured light sierra oak

Structured cigar oak

Structured quercy walnut

Thermostructured vintage

Ash oak synchronous

Natural oak synchronous

Bleached natural oak synchronous effect


Heritage oak





Cesar brown stone

Mune black



Pietra dark

White yule

Grey yule

White kandia

Black kandia

Dark pulpis

Matt blue grey

Matt anthracite

Glossy anthracite

Silver mirror

Bronze mirror

Light grey

Glossy light grey

Translucent frosted white

Translucent grey

Translucent black

Translucent glass