What colours should you choose in a kitchen that opens onto the lounge?

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  • Choosing and distributing colours in a harmonious way

    The colours of your kitchen units, worktop and walls must work in harmony with those in your lounge area.

    If you want your kitchen to blend in with the interior décor, choose similar colours to those in your lounge area. If you want to clearly mark out each space, then stay with the same colour palette but change the tone.

    Using a colour chart will help you avoid unattractive colour combinations and limit the number of shades you use to two or three.

    Finally, you can use hints of the kitchen colours in the lounge by painting sitting room alcoves, for instance, in those colours.

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  • Fashionable colours in an open-plan kitchen

    At the moment, it’s fashionable to combine bright colours such as peacock blue and verdigris, or louder ones such as fuchsia pink and poppy red.

    Is your lounge already colourful? Choose kitchen units in neutral tones and add splashes of colour with your kitchen accessories or brightly-coloured ornaments.

    And if you want colour but you’re scared to take the plunge, why not paint a bright colour on one vertical face of a wall!

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  • Stylish colours in an open-plan kitchen

    For an elegant, refined style use black, white and grey.

    To enhance the design of your American kitchen, choose a stylish stainless steel worktop and backsplash.

    Wood, metal or concrete can also be used to create a very modern industrial look.

    A coherent blend of colours and materials will make your fitted kitchen ooze with personality and charm.

    If you’d like to learn more, then take a look at our advice on effective lighting in your open-plan kitchen and how to choose appropriate flooring.


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