What colours should you choose for your fitted kitchen?

Colour is so important when it comes to decorating your kitchen. It has a major impact on the atmosphere of your room, and using colour in a clever way can be really transformative, giving the impression of more space. So, choice of colour shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially in a fitted kitchen. The designers at Mobalpa know what they’re talking about when it comes to kitchen colours and can advise you on how to combine your favourite shades or find a trick to deal with a particular problem area.

How can you use colour in the kitchen?

It’s difficult not to spend ages pondering over colour choices when you’re doing up your new kitchen. Colours can put you in a good mood in the morning, relax you or even gear you up for the day. Colour can be both calming and energising, and it would be a shame not to use the power of colour in your kitchen.


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    Colours to liven things up

    Colours set the tone! Warm colours like red and yellow bring energy and dynamism to a room. But if you’d like to create a more natural, calm atmosphere, you can use cooler colours such as green or blue. And finally, if you want to give the kitchen a cosy feel then choose neutral colours (beige, taupe or even grey) that foster peace and wellbeing.


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    Stylish colours

    A fitted kitchen is a kitchen that reflects your style. There’s nothing better than colour for putting your own mark on the kitchen décor. Scandinavian style is very fashionable right now and can be quite comforting with its soft shades of white and beige. Or you could opt for a modern, contemporary style that makes a real impact with deep colours such as black and dark blue, or livelier shades such as coral.


What combinations should you use?

Colour is everywhere in a fitted kitchen: on the walls, obviously, because of the paint, but also on kitchen units, the worktop and backsplash. Of course, you can choose a “total look” and stick with a single colour, or you can have a bit of fun combining shades and injecting character and energy into a room you spend so much time in.

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    How can you effectively combine colours?

    To create perfect colour combinations, you can use a colour wheel: You can either select a range of colours that sit close together on the wheel, or you can go for contrasting colours on opposite sides of the wheel. In the fitted kitchen above, shades have been chosen from the green colour palette. So, you can end up with a strong but well-balanced visual identity.

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    What mistakes should you try to avoid?

    Normally, when you’re choosing different shades from the colour wheel, you shouldn’t go for a whole rainbow of contrasting, uncomplimentary colours. We’d also suggest you don’t use any more than three different colours. So you don’t make a mistake, try starting out with one favourite thing (a colour, object or style) and then keep going back to it as you choose all the different elements of your room.

The color tips

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    Clever tricks using colour to give the illusion of more space

    Colour is essential if you want to virtually push back the walls of a fitted kitchen. Light, bright colours are ideal for giving the illusion of more space. In the open kitchen above, the colour scheme is the same as in the lounge area. This opens up the field of vision and gives you the impression of more space. The two splashes of red (one in the kitchen and one in the lounge) create a sense of visual unity.

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    To brighten up a dark kitchen

    Sometimes you have to put a kitchen in a space where there’s little natural light. If this is the case, colour choice is essential as some colours really reflect the light and can increase the brightness of the room. Light and neutral colours are perfect in these types of situations.

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    To define the borders of an open-plan kitchen

    When a kitchen layout is more linear and the space opens out onto the lounge, it can be difficult to create a clear border between the two areas. However, if you choose kitchen units in dark, matt colours, the kitchen space will really stand out. They will also give the whole living space a bit of personality.