What is a fitted kitchen?

Some people talk about fitted kitchens, others about fully-fitted kitchens, and the difference between the two isn’t obvious at first. But it’s important to make the distinction. When first discussing your kitchen design, there’ll be a long thinking process, so your kitchen project is unique and works well for you. Find out how Mobalpa fitted kitchen solutions are different to all others.

Features of a fitted kitchen

When we talk about fitted kitchens, we’re describing kitchens with fixed units, plumbing and electrical and/or gas points, so you can carry out all the usual activities that take place in a kitchen. A kitchen only becomes fully-fitted when you fit the large domestic appliances you usually find in a kitchen along with the units (hob, fridge, oven, etc.).

So, planning a kitchen is usually focused on optimising space and the way different units and other items will be integrated into the design. This is when you should be thinking about whether you’d like an open-plan kitchen with an eating area or perhaps a kitchen island. This is an important stage in the design process as it determines exactly how you’re going to live in your kitchen.



Tailor-made Mobalpa fitted kitchens

You can completely personalise your Mobalpa fitted kitchen so it fulfils your requirements in terms of optimising space and also works well with your lifestyle. Mobalpa’s designers have all the knowledge and experience needed to help you throughout the process of planning and developing your fitted kitchen.

A fitted kitchen adapted to your unique space

First of all, you need to think about the volume and surface area of the entire space. Once you’re working in the kitchen, you’ll see the configuration of the room in a very different way. Layout solutions classic layouts include the U- and L-shaped configurations, or you could choose a galley kitchen with a single or double row of units. But not all spaces are easy to work with. However, at Mobalpa, you can customise your kitchen down the very last detail thanks to our vast range of units, dimensions and colours, making it possible to create a kitchen layout that works perfectly in the space you have available. Mobalpa kitchen units can be adapted to the nearest centimetre to fit in your kitchen space, so it doesn’t matter where the corners, windows and doors are, or how wide the units need to be.

  • custom-made glass fittings

    Creating a kitchen from scratch with specially-designed units and a glass partition.

  • kitchen-ilot-angle-out-going

    Innovating with an original layout using an island and an outside corner to create a unique kitchen.

  • equipment - kitchen - under-stairs

    Optimising space by creating bespoke units that make the most of small and complex rooms.

A fitted kitchen to suit your way of life

The configuration of your room isn’t the only variable to consider when planning a kitchen. It must also meet your needs and expectations. The design of your fitted kitchen must reflect you and your lifestyle. If you choose to have tailor-made units, you’ll be free from the usual constraints of space and can create a kitchen that best suits your way of life.


  • kitchen-open-plan layout

    If you always want to be part of the action, then an open-plan kitchen with a discreet breakfast bar works really well.

  • Furnished kitchen and aromatic herbs

    Head chef and gardener? You can customise units, so they work however you want, even in the most unusual way.


  • equipment - kitchen - decoration

    A kitchen shouldn’t just be designed with functionality in mind, you can also introduce items to make it look attractive.

If you decide on tailor-made units for your fitted kitchen, then anything is possible: kitchen cupboards under the stairs, a glass partition above the worktop or a unique dining space. Our Mobalpa designers are trained to develop plans that meet your individual needs. Putting together a kitchen has never been so easy!