What’s the best kind of lighting for an open-plan kitchen?

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  • Integrated spotlights to make cooking easier

    Good lighting is essential when you’re cooking or preparing food.An open-plan kitchen will benefit from natural light entering from the lounge area. This will help you get the most from your kitchen during the day.

    But in the evening, this natural light will disappear and artificial light will take over. The main source of light will come from the ceiling and will brighten the worktop, sink and cooking area.

    You can add integrated spotlights to a suspended ceiling or to a rail or cable. Spotlights work well as you can direct light towards specific places.

    Pendant lights are also a good solution, but make sure they’re positioned well so they diffuse light everywhere. And choose a bulb that’s powerful enough but not too strong.

    If you want extra light on your worktops, then add integrated spotlights or LED strips beneath your wall units. This will make it easier to prepare food.

    The extractor fan will usually cast additional light over the hob.

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    Lighting to enhance each area

    You can enhance your kitchen space further by adding additional sources of lighting. In fact, powerful lighting means cooking under better conditions.

    But you’ll appreciate a cosier atmosphere at mealtimes or in the evening when you’re relaxing in the lounge.

    One solution would be to install wall lights. Wall lights are effective, complementary lighting that helps create a warm and welcoming ambience. They are also good for filling in areas that the main light doesn’t reach.

    You can also improve the atmosphere of your kitchen by lighting up a cabinet, shelf or alcove for a beautiful effect.

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    Attractive and practical pendant lights.

    Pendant lights installed above a table, centre island or breakfast bar will give your room a bit of character and make your open-plan kitchen more welcoming.
    This type of lighting is both attractive and practical, so you can enjoy meals in a warm and sociable environment.

    Choose pendant lights that work well with the style of your furniture. You should choose their location depending on the height of the ceiling and surface area of the room.Pendant lights can be made of metal (including aluminium), PVC, glass or even wood. You can enhance their appearance using designer LED energy bulbs.

    Exposed lightbulbs are very fashionable and bring a touch of originality to your interior décor. An attractive ceiling light can also be eye-catching and add a bit of personality to your room. Finally, think about adding dimmer switches so you can increase or soften the light in your room depending on the kind of atmosphere you want to create.