How to clean a matt kitchen unit ?

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Have you chosen matt kitchen units with a stylish and elegant finish? Regular maintenance will keep them in top condition for longer. Discover our top tips for properly cleaning your matt kitchen units every day.

The right habits and products

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Avoid dusting wipes for cleaning your matt furniture

Before you start cleaning your kitchen units, make sure that you are using the right cleaning products. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t use scouring sponges and overly aggressive products found in shops. The same goes for dusting wipes - not only are they not environmentally friendly, they will create static energy that will promote the reappearance of dust.

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Visual Kitchen Luxe Model - Signature Trend
Frequent maintenance will make your everyday life easier!

Then, before starting a deep clean, remember to dust the top of your kitchen units and tall units, shelves, wall panels and walls, etc. A good habit to get into is to immediately clean fresh stains and not let them dry, especially on matt fronts, which are more fragile due to their velvety appearance. Frequent maintenance will make your everyday life easier! Also be careful of anything that might scratch them (scouring sponge, dust particles, etc.).

Final tips: Whatever the finish, watch out for stagnant water dripping onto your units, along with moisture, steam, heat from the oven and even light. We hope that these few tips will help you to properly clean your matt kitchen units and keep them looking good as new for as long as possible!

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