How to optimise storage in your kitchen ?

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Today, the kitchen has definitely become a second living area along with the lounge. Kitchens are often open-plan and need an efficient layout to work well from breakfast to dinner. Find out how to optimise your kitchen storage and keep it tidy and inviting room for every day use.

Consider optimisation from the design stage

Kitchen storage needs to be prepared from the start of your project. The choice of kitchen units, floor space design and the integration of household appliances will determine how you organise your room. You therefore need to bear in mind how to optimise volumes: solutions are possible, with corner units, kitchen tall units with internal drawers, fitted wall panels, etc.

Do tell your designer your ideas for kitchen storage and organisation, so that they can better advise you on the appropriate design.

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Store by activity area

When designing a project, the designer creates your kitchen according to a triangle of activities. This special layout that separates washing, preparation, storage and cooking areas is essential to optimise distances and improve ease of use. When it’s time for you to get set up in your new kitchen, keep this layout in mind in order to store utensils and food methodically. This means, for example, that pans should be placed in the cooking area or that tea towels should ideally be stored in the washing area. By maintaining this strict separation, the triangle of activities remains as effective as when it was designed.

Tidy up the worktop

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Another point that it is important to consider for kitchen storage is the worktop. The less clutter there is on top, the easier your kitchen will be to clean. There are several options to keep your worktop free of clutter. Get large fitted drawers that can hold all your everyday utensils.

The wall panel is like an empty canvas, with several modular designs for creating numerous storage solutions at height. Finally, if you still want to keep some accessories on the worktop, there is a dedicated layout system at Mobalpa called duplex. This comes in a mobile or integrated version and offers new storage space on the worktop while avoiding clutter.

Tidy up the worktop

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In each activity area, you also need to organise kitchen storage so that the most useful items are easily accessible. On the other hand, the least needed appliances and utensils can be stored at height or in places that are not necessarily within reach. This rule also works for food: put everyday products at the front (such as flour or sugar) and leave more occasional food items, such as rare spices or flavoured oils, at the back. The more your kitchen shelves are organised in line with your habits, the more efficient and comfortable you will be.

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