Alya Model - Serenity Trend

Kitchen Alya - Serenity Trend Graphite matt lacquer VP

Alya - serenity trend

Relax and unwind in this renovated building. Here, luxury materials are showcased in warm tones. The contrast of rustic stones with light wood, black and concrete reinforces the sense of openness around this large welcoming table, perfect for receiving guests. You'll feel great in this atmosphere that combines authenticity and warm modernity.

Gaia fronts, graphite matt lacquer and Alya fronts, Okobo natural synchronous, Xena black matt handles.
Naturaplan black magma flamed worktop.
Luxe Fenix® Ingo black laminated table.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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The wood kitchen with the Alya - Serenity Trend


A very contemporary look for a wooden kitchen 


An enchanted parenthesis

Alya - Serenity Trend is like a cloudless sky. When nothing disturbs the calm and silence, the moment is precious because it allows you to recharge your batteries and enjoy a feeling of well-being. The kitchen of Alya - Serenity Trend has been designed to promote and achieve this state of serenity. The raw materials, colors and space management of this kitchen combine to provide an environment conducive to tranquility and calm.

The Epure ambiance is a wood, gray and black kitchen that projects itself into the future. Its L-shaped layout shown here is perfect for the space allotted in this renovated home. This family kitchen offers a lot of storage space thanks to the set of furniture that occupies both walls. The space freed up by this extension allows for a dining area with a large table and comfortable seating. The furniture in the Alya - Serenity Trend room is dressed in grey matte fronts and light wood decor. The matte black handles emphasize the design aspect of this set. On the worktop side, the choice fell on a natural stone NaturaPlan in black magma of intense color. Very equipped, this place integrates all the appliances usually found in kitchens such as a combined refrigerator, a multifunction oven or an induction table with integrated hood.


The wooden kitchen reinvented

Wooden kitchens are classics for home design. They are usually made of furniture that lasts (especially if it is solid wood like oak) and communicate a warm atmosphere. Although full of quality, the wood material has suffered for some years from a dislike. Some people reproached it with an ordinary side and a too traditional style that does not fit with the times. Fortunately, wood kitchens have been able to bounce back by proposing new combinations of materials or more modern color schemes. The Scandinavian style, for example, has brought the white and wood tamdem back into fashion in kitchens. In a completely different style, the combination of black and wood is a winning bet for both: solid wood warms the atmosphere while black brings a very modern elegance. 

The kitchen in the Alya - Serenity Trend plays the natural card with a bleached oak-like wood on some of its facades. The combination of wood and dark gray matte is quite unusual in a kitchen. By playing on raw materials and concrete tones, this place offers a refined and unique atmosphere. The design of this room is directly inspired by the "wabi sabi" style, a Japanese aesthetic concept that advocates a return to the essential and natural. Wood is the perfect material for this design, as is the natural stone worktop. The NaturaPlan material, also used for the credenza in the washing area, gives this new kitchen even more authenticity. 



An uncluttered space without compromising on equipment


To successfully design a modern kitchen with a minimalist spirit, you need to rely on a thorough layout that can put overly technical elements like appliances in the background. The arched layout of the furniture accentuates the design aspect of this kitchen. In the same way, the aesthetics of the stone worktop attracts the eye and diverts attention. This kitchen is however equipped to benefit from all the most advanced technologies such as the induction cooker with integrated hood. Behind the sleek fronts, we discover furniture that offers efficient storage such as the corner cabinet or the English-style drawer cabinet. Finally, the imitation wood of the fronts contributes to facilitate the maintenance of this room to better enjoy it.


The accessories on the worktop are rare and seem to have been chosen with care. The idea is not to accumulate useless decorative objects but rather to privilege a limited number of elements that are beneficial to the well-being of the inhabitants. It can be a child's drawing or a vase brought back from a trip: the visible object has a sentimental function here. 


Come and discover the Alya - Serenity Trend wooden kitchen as well as the other models of fitted kitchens in our showrooms. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the advice of Mobalpa's designers. They are there to refine your project and answer all your questions, from price to delivery.