Vincent Darré X Mobalpa: The crazy challenge

Discover how Mobalpa overcame the challenges posed by Vincent Darré

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mobalpa kitchen collaboration with Vincent Darré

Thought in a very theatrical and metaphysical way, this kitchen is unexpected, masterful and colorful, just like its creator!

Arches in relief, octagonal worktop, vivid colors, high furniture in the shape of a capital, destructured shelves, sun reflected in the wall base...

Mobalpa has played the personalization card to the hilt and has not shied away from any of the challenges dictated by Vincent Darré's fertile imagination.

A creativity and originality that transcend this kitchen to make it unique, majestic, singular.

This colorful collaboration has been a fabulous adventure for Mobalpa.

Made-to-measure in excess!

The furniture is topped with a capital, the shelves take the form of unstructured columns, the credenza is dressed with a quilted mirror and on the floor, a sun, a symbol so dear to Vincent Darré, is reflected in the baseboards, which are also mirrors.

Vincent Darré has imagined a room that resembles him: an open, festive place of exchange. He wanted the architecture to be structured and original.

Vincent Darré fell in love with meadow green, from the Sikkens collection by Mobalpa. A color that, in his eyes, is both a carrier of hope, dynamic and powerful, but also a tribute to nature. He chose to associate it with worktops in Black Kandia marble finish, with a marked design for even more personality.

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