Eole Model - Bistro Trend
Kitchen Eole Model - Bistro Trend Black matt L-shaped VP


A perfect combination of tradition and modernity: this black kitchen benefits from an original outside corner layout. Its classic framed doors are counterbalanced by the use of matt black, lending a touch of modernity. It incorporates shelves, metal open-shelf units and wooden elements from the Woodtrend line for a unique decorative rendering.

Eole fronts, black matt, Geometrika shabby black handles.
Structured Metal Art laminated worktop.
Woodtrend decorative units.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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A wood and black kitchen with the Eole Model - Bistro Trend

The perfect balance for a warm and relaxed look


A style which pays homage to the bistro
Emblematic of the French bistro, the counter is a delightful gathering point. Morning, noon or night, you can enjoy coffee, lunch or a snack with friends here: whatever the occasion, it’s all about sharing quality time. At the bistro the emphasis is always on pleasure, but on the kitchen side the work must be fast and efficient so that nothing ruins the moment. The Mobalpa Eole Model - Bistro Trend fully reflects this key item of professional furniture: while its retro style chimes perfectly with the fashionable bistro look, this kitchen is also designed to meet every requirement in terms of user comfort in the home.


The Eole Model - Bistro Trend is a black and wooden kitchen where conviviality comes first. This original outside-corner fit-out is perfectly adapted to the constraints of the main room in this house. This is an open kitchen, occupying three adjoining sections of wall to facilitate circulation and interaction between the different areas. Most of the units in the Eole Model - Bistro Trend are clad in matt black frame fronts with black Geometrika handles. The worktop side moves from black to grey with a metal laminate. This shade allows a smooth colour transition towards the stainless steel sink and appliances. Finally, it uses wooden elements from the Woodtrend collection to evoke the bistro spirit. Clever storage accessories such as the bottle rack and tall drawers help to organise this space efficiently and attractively. To ensure visual continuity between the kitchen and living room, the floor is laid with hexagonal tiles reflecting the colour scheme of the different elements while subtly blending into the parquet section.


A winning combination of black and wood
The combination of black and wood has infinite decorative potential. In kitchens, it is always a safe bet, as is the combination of wood and white so often used. Black lends character and modernity, while wood offers all the cachet of a noble and authentic material. The kitchen design therefore hinges on the importance given to each of these colours. In the Eole Model - Bistro Trend, black is most definitely at the fore. Present on the backsplash-free walls, on the mural hood, the worktop, and on most of the unit fronts, this intense colour drives the designer feel of the fit-out. Thanks to the touches of wood integrated at strategic locations, the Eole Model - Bistro Trend gains depth as well as warmth. Being entirely black, this kitchen could have become rather invisible by merging into the walls, but the wooden elements create the contrasts needed to showcase all the equipment in the room. The wood is also decorative, with the large wooden drawers from the Woodtrend collection and the bottle racks alluding directly to the bistro style sought for this space.


Conviviality as a way of life

Inspired directly by the bistro style, the Eole Model - Bistro Trend kitchen ingeniously adopts the conventions of this decor to create a warm and authentic room. Firstly, wooden furniture such as the large deep drawers or wall shelves echo the design of traditional brasseries, updated to modern tastes. By opting for frame doors in matt black rather than white, the bistro spirit is assured, in a clever blend of vintage and modernity. In the same spirit, metal open-shelf units combine industrial decor with a “local café” atmosphere. The appliances, deliberately chosen in stainless steel, allude to the professional equipment found in such establishments. Lastly, in place of the island, a table and bar stools occupy the space next to the kitchen, accentuating the welcoming appearance, and offering an additional worktop. The end result is that this kitchen looks ready to welcome family and friends in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


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