Eole Model - Brooklyn Trend
Kitchen Eole Model - Brooklyn Trend Platinium grey matt U-shaped layout VP


This classic framed door and Bistro handle, combined with the modern U-shaped kitchen layout, provides a small open-plan kitchen full of character. It offers stylishly optimised storage space thank to its row of wall units, as well as its worktop and shelves in wood tones, contrasting with the soft platinum grey of the doors.



Eole fronts, platinum grey matt, Retro black matt handles.
Natural oak structured laminated worktop.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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And industrial style kitchen with the Eole Model - Brooklyn Trend

Big Apple, small space


Living like a New Yorker
Brooklyn, one of New York’s five boroughs, is probably the most beautiful part of the city in which to live. This popular area is home to a close-knit community who like to have fun and party, but are also innovate and enterprising. There are artists' studios, vintage shops and trendy restaurants. In terms of architecture, the red brick houses in this neighbourhood are immediately recognisable. The Eole Model - Brooklyn Trend kitchen adopts their very special style, simultaneously industrial, authentic and warm.


An industrial style which never fails

How do you incorporate industrial style into a room in the home such as the kitchen? This type of decoration is inspired by the large lofts and artists’ studios of New York. For the walls and units, raw materials such as concrete, brick and metal are used. Imitating the interior design of old factories, the industrial style also employs elements lending authenticity, such as wood or vintage decoration. The glass panel, counter unit and wall clock are typical objects for this decorative style. Lastly, neutral colours such as black, white and grey are used to create the right atmosphere. The Eole Model - Brooklyn Trend kitchen combines several conventions of industrial style. The framed doors with their bistro handles evoke an old café, as do the single wall shelves and the wooden worktop. The spotlights integrated into the wall units also reinforce this atmosphere, recalling the look of a shop window. Meanwhile, the black wall next to the cooking area livens things up and provides greater depth. The dominant grey colour here is an ideal way of introducing industrial decor while retaining lots of beautiful light. Thanks to the light wood worktop, the room is balanced in terms of colour and brightness.


Optimise space with a U-shaped kitchen
Industrial style is not only suitable for large spaces such as a loft or studio - it can work just as well in small apartments. As a trendy neighbourhood for artists, Brooklyn is, after all, full of homes where every square meter counts, in every room. So it’s essential to optimise space to avoid feeling constricted, and to organise your interior as efficiently as possible. Based on a U-shaped layout, the Eole Model - Brooklyn Trend kitchen is compact without feeling cramped. Everything is streamlined, and the smooth circulation between cooking, washing and preparation areas is bound to be appreciated. The U-shaped kitchen also makes use of every nook and cranny, with corner units ensuring no loss of space. It is also important, however, to regulate the volumes on the three wall sections to keep the whole place airy. The Eole Model - Brooklyn Trend uses ingenious solutions to provide lots of storage without impinging on the style. The line of units along the ceiling offers significant storage capacity at height, which is only visible when you look up. Volumes differ from one wall to the next, alternating between base units, wall shelves and tall units. Although there is not enough room to allow the installation of a central island, this kitchen remains a pleasant space in which to enjoy a coffee at the end of the worktop.


Details that change everything

This small kitchen, which has everything found in a large one, employs layout and design ideas to increase the feeling of space. On the cooking side, the installation of a mirrored splashback visually pushes back the wall, making the whole room seem more airy. As for the sink, placing it right by the window provides a more open feeling. While tackling the dishes, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the outside world. The kitchen also boasts lots of efficient storage units, including bottle racks. Everything has its place, with no need to compromise on either organisation or decoration. This means the wooden worktop is free of any clutter, leaving a superb surface on which to work. Last but not least, the Eole Model - Brooklyn Trend, despite its size, is equipped with appliances to make life easier: the elevated dishwasher offers incredible convenience not always expected in a small kitchen.


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