Eole Model - Getaway Trend
Kitchen Eole Model - Getaway Trend Natural oak synchronous effect linear layout with island VP


In this renovated former farmhouse, this open kitchen perfectly combines authentic charm with a thoroughly contemporary kitchen layout. Its classic framed doors in Burgundy oak tones bring warmth, counterbalanced by the modernity of the matt black Fenix worktop. Its central island is perfect for entertaining, with its extendable dining area.
The vast made-to-measure library frames the fireplace and its sizeable open-shelf units are ideal for showcasing beautiful objects.

Eole fronts, oak synchronous effect.
Luxe Fenix® Ingo black laminated worktop.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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The Eole Model - Getaway Trend  modern wooden kitchen

The perfect blend of authentic charm and contemporary design.


A trend that breaks new ground
We’ve all dreamed of a getaway. A moment of escapism, whether real or imagined, leaving all our responsibilities behind. The Eole Model - Getaway Trend brings you to a timeless realm, in surroundings both authentic and contemporary, a space which is welcoming and cosy, yet complete with every modern convenience.


The Eole Model - Getaway Trend is a modern wooden kitchen. The L-shaped layout shown here is perfect for the 13 m2 space dedicated to it in this house. This open kitchen consists of several elements on the sink side and tall units forming a wall of storage space from floor to ceiling. This is complemented by a central island providing a work space, storage units, and a dining area. The various elements are fronted with handleless frame doors featuring Burgundy oak decor. For the worktop, matt black Fenix material enhances the overall look. Lastly, this kitchen is equipped with an oven built into the tall unit, an induction hob, and a fully-integrated dishwasher.


Wood in the kitchen
Wood is a kitchen classic. Originally chosen for its strength and resistance, it is now appreciated for its aesthetic advantages. Its many possible colours and species open the door to every style of decoration. However it is finished, wood retains great authenticity, which is why it is often used to bring warmth to modern designer interiors. The Eole Model - Getaway Trend’s units, with Burgundy oak fronts, create a traditional setting for this kitchen, which gives the appearance of having been built at the same time as the house. Burgundy oak, with its vertical grain, is a very natural and soothing light wood, lending a decorative appeal totally in keeping with the desired spirit of this space. The understated charm of the frame doors is reminiscent of traditional kitchens, adding an extra touch of authenticity.


The magical combination of black and wood

How can a wooden kitchen be perceived as a truly modern space? The Eole Model - Getaway Trend achieves this feat thanks to two essential features. Firstly, it uses a bold black colour. The combination of black and wood always works well in a kitchen, thanks to the way in which these two colours enhance each other (a bit like black and white). This contrast creates an atmosphere that is both warm and modern. In the Eole Model - Getaway Trend, black is used for the worktop, as well as for the central island’s open-shelf unit and high stools. Black’s on-trend appeal is accentuated by the choice of material for the worktop: matt Ingo black Fenix. This type of surface is a technological marvel. The Fenix matt aspect is a highly appreciated decorative feature, and this material is both soft to the touch and very easy to maintain. These combined touches of black give the Eole Model - Getaway Trend  its winning mix of authenticity and modernity.


A stylish layout
At first glance, the Eole Model - Getaway Trend  may seem classic and conventional, but far from it: its layout is resolutely modern. Opening onto the living room, this kitchen deliberately opts for a light layout by dispensing with the tall units and wall panel. As such, integration with the dining room and living room seems entirely logical. Further accentuating this continuity, the fronts have no handles, thereby harmonising with the vast adjoining bookcase. Lastly, the household appliances are discreet, or even invisible, as is the fully-integrated dishwasher. The central island abounds in contemporary detail. The eye is quickly drawn to its open-shelving, which seems to surpass the unit, a contrasting black frame housing modern decorative objects. Opposite the central island, an extendable dining area can be adjusted as required.


Come and discover the Eole Model - Getaway Trend  modern wood kitchen, as well as the other Mobalpa models in our showrooms.