Electrical appliances

Mobalpa Electrical appliances

Mobalpa offers a complete range to meet all needs, all problems and all budgets. In permanent research to remain with the point, we work with the greatest marks... Come and test in store!

Built-in refrigerators

Built-in refrigerators Visual 01
Built-in refrigerators Visual 02
Built-in refrigerators Visual 03

Le réfrigérateur est indispensable dans nos cuisines. Il conserve au frais vos aliments et doit satisfaire au mieux vos besoins tant en capacité de stockage qu’en esthétisme.

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Built-in ovens

mobalpa Built-in ovens Luxe Model - Aesthetic Trend
mobalpa Built-in ovens Luxe Model - Aesthetic Trend
mobalpa Built-in ovens Kiffa - Imagine Trend

Steam oven, rotating heat, pyrolysis oven... We offer different types of built-in ovens. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Our guarantees

Discover our guarantees included in all our solutions. At no extra cost.


Cooking plates

Cooking plates Mobalpa
Cooking plates Mobalpa
Cooking plates Mobalpa

Comfort, design, functionality... the cooktop is a central element of your kitchen. The possibilities are numerous, our designers will advise you.

All-in-one dishwasher

Dishwasher Mobalpa Visual 01
Dishwasher Mobalpa Visual 02
Dishwasher Mobalpa Visual 03

Our dishwashers do their job, while leaving nothing to be seen thanks to their total integration into your kitchen furniture.


mobalpa Hoods Eole Model - Getaway Trend
mobalpa Hoods Eole Model - Bistro Trend
mobalpa Hoods

Choose the hood that best suits your kitchen! Built-in, recessed or suspended, choose it with care...


mobalpa Microwave Gaïa Model - Rive Gauche Trend
mobalpa Microwave Gaïa Model - Rive Gauche Trend
mobalpa micro-onde encastre ambiance végétale

Microwave ovens come in many different styles, finishes and sizes. Choose the one that meets your needs and desires!

Unique layouts, just like you

  • Built to last
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  • Tailor-made projects

Models seen in the file

  • Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend
    Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend Ash structured linear layout with island LM
  • Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend
    Kitchen Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend Cesar brown stone U-shaped layout LM
  • Median
    Median sidebord Natural oak synchronous effect LM
  • Kiffa Model - Fabrik Trend
    Kitchen Kiffa Model - Fabrik Trend Cement light structured with island LM