Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend

Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend Ash structured linear layout with island VP


A kitchen offering a gentle colour combination and an original layout. A unique outside corner layout with a set of bespoke kitchen units adorns the corner of the room. Its open-shelf units lighten the overall look.
On the living room side, the made-to-measure TV unit echoes the kitchen, bringing overall harmony.

Kiffa fronts, ash structured, Liness stainless steel handles.
Luxe Fenix® Grigio Londra laminated worktop.
Made-to-measure living room units, metallic copper thermostructured fronts. Lago glass units.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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A modern fitted kitchen with the Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend

It’s all about elegance and refinement in this large open kitchen


Calming white

It may be inspired by the cold regions of the northern hemisphere, but the Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend also contains plenty of warmth. A blend of Scandinavian and modern style enhances this exceptional designer interior.


Spotlight on a light wood kitchen

Want an airy, bright kitchen? Discover the Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend, which uses structured ash melamine on its unit fronts. This pearly white wood is used in kitchens to provide both warmth and light. Its distinctively Scandinavian style is an obvious choice for this home which, with its glass doors, is very much open to the outside world. This means no light is lost. Quite the opposite: the room appears to be bathed in light. With light tones, softness is assured, but while relaxing, these colours can sometimes lack a little character. In the Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend kitchen, ash is accompanied by a matt grey worktop that contrasts with its contemporary appearance. This combination of off-white and grey works wonders: the perfect combination for retaining all the brightness of the room while adding an undeniable touch of charm.


An outside-corner layout
Finding the ideal layout is not always easy when the dimensions of a house are atypical. But with made-to-measure units and the advice of a designer, you can make the most of any interior and find the right solutions to create a modern kitchen that is both practical and original. In the case of the Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend, the trickiest part was undoubtedly the outside corner of the room in which the kitchen has been cleverly laid out. The line of tall units running along both walls perfectly optimises the space, while also emphasising the wonderful dimensions of the room. The location of the kitchen is therefore vital. Positioned in the centre, between the dining room and living room, it enjoys a ubiquitous presence without impinging on the overall design.


A fully equipped island

This layout is all the more unusual for including an island with a very different look. In keeping with the contours of the room, it adopts an L-shaped design in order to follow the existing dimensions. As such, what could have been seen as a constraint in fact provides this modern fitted kitchen with its special charm. The central island lives up to its name, enjoying a presence on both the living room and dining room sides. This real hub of activity contains a large worktop and dedicated equipment for the cooking and washing areas. This arrangement ensures that those preparing meals or doing the dishes won’t feel isolated from the rest of the family. The island is functional too, thanks to the numerous storage units available. For example, it includes a unit for concealing tea towels and sponges close to the sink, keeping the worktop clear. Facing outwards and therefore visible from the other spaces, the handleless, push-button solution blends effortlessly into the surrounding decor. To accentuate this decorative effect, the central island has a row of open-shelf units which deliberately blur the boundaries between display space and functional space.


Numerous storage spaces

This large open kitchen has no shortage of practical and attractive storage spaces. Hidden behind large doors designed for discretion, these units offer several different storage spaces for optimal organisation. Tall deep drawers are used to store the largest saucepans and containers, while internal drawers allow easy access to stored foods. Less attractive appliances are concealed behind the same doors to provide a more graceful overall appearance. Finally, we find the same type of open-shelf units as on the island, housing decorative objects to lend a more personal touch to the space.

Come and discover the Kiffa Model - Boreal Trend modern fitted kitchen, as well as the other fitted kitchen models in our showrooms. Feel free to ask one of our Mobalpa designers to help you define your project and to answer all your questions on everything from price to delivery.