Kiffa Model - Cocoon Trend

Kitchen Kiffa Model - Cocoon Trend White matt varnished U-shaped layout VP


This small U-shaped kitchen offers both a cosy cocoon and a functional space. Spatial optimisation was key to its layout design, in order to make the very most of its small surface area without sacrificing aesthetics. A snack area which can be used as a desk, tall units to provide maximum storage volume, visual interplay between open and closed shelves… all these elements make this kitchen big on style!

Kiffa fronts, Aravis white matt, Soline stainless steel handles.
Oak of Burgundy structured laminated worktop.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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A small fitted kitchen equipped with the Kiffa Model - Cocoon Trend

A cosy and comfortable little kitchen


Like a cosy nest

In nature, the cocoon is a protective enclosure. This idea soon spread to the world of decoration, and is now known as cocooning style. What are the main principles of this decorative style? It should inspire rest and relaxation through the presence of soothing colours, and a range of neutral tones such as white or grey should therefore be favoured. Similarly, natural materials such as wood are employed to bring warmth to the room. Lastly, the layout is carefully considered to create an interior akin to a protective capsule in which we feel good. The Kiffa Model - Cocoon Trend is a small fitted kitchen which incorporates all of these principles. Despite its limited space, it exudes a warm and cosy atmosphere. You can spend hours here without feeling closed in.


Small U-shaped kitchen

Modern housing has changed a lot. In large towns and cities, property pressure has forced a reinvention of available space. So the logical preference is to secure space for living areas, often by encroaching on the more technical areas of the home. For example, many people opt for the benefits of a kitchen layout opening onto the living room, although a lack of space can sometimes make this impossible. When kitchens can only make use of a small space, what is the best approach? The U-shaped layout seems ideal since it allows almost all walls to be used, but remember, this layout is only possible if the room is sufficiently wide. Luckily, the Kiffa Model - Cocoon Trend is up to the task and can be configured to ensure smooth, unobstructed circulation. Fully optimised, this U-shaped kitchen also clearly defines the different zones, and even offers the luxury of a dining area.


White and wood, a winning duo

Nothing helps create the cocooning spirit better than a combination of white and wood in the kitchen. The Kiffa Model - Cocoon Trend features matt white fronts and a Burgundy oak laminated worktop. This combination gives the space a warm and cosy appearance. White has the advantage of bringing as much light into the room as possible, thereby accentuating the feeling of space. Wood, for its part, warms the room, preventing the cold feel that could otherwise result from the use of all-white units. It can be seen on the worktop, and on the large cork board above the snack area. As an understated accessory for these doors, Galika handles are used, which are very discreet and virtually invisible. The white painted ceiling with integrated spotlights changes the appearance of the room, seeming to enlarge the space. As for the floor, it uses a wood-look covering which amplifies the warm appearance and cosy decor.


Floor-to-ceiling storage

To fit out and optimise this kitchen, the priority is to give access to lots of storage areas, while also appearing not to have lost space. This fit-out is made possible in large part by the use of low-depth units. Alternating open and closed storage spaces also helps to lighten the composition, creating rhythm to avoid monotony. Multiple storage methods are also employed, including the corner-fitted shutter unit which can be used to store small appliances. And there is no shortage of equipment: although small, this kitchen includes all modern conveniences. With a dishwasher and multi-function oven, this practical, carefully considered space has everything!


Come and discover the Kiffa Model - Cocoon Trend small fitted kitchen, as well as the other models in our showrooms. Feel free to ask for advice from Mobalpa designers. They are there to help you define your project and to answer all your questions on everything from price to delivery.