Kiffa Model - Contemporary Trend
Kitchen Kiffa Model - Contemporary Trend Quercy walnut structured with island VP en


This multi-facetted kitchen is full of surprises: it conceals all its functions behind large midnight blue pull-out doors, giving a discreet and attractive rendering. The central island in thoroughly on-trend marble is extended by a large and welcoming walnut table, enhanced by exclusive Mobalpa legs.

Kiffa fronts, midnight blue matt and Quercy oak structured, Rhea brushed copper handles.
Made-to-measure units, midnight blue matt, Zapp stainless steel fl ush-fi tted handles.
Marble of Luni matt and Quercy walnut structured laminated worktops.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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A made-to measure kitchen with the Kiffa Model - Contemporary Trend

A fashionable and ergonomic space


A kitchen with the very latest look
The kitchen is a special room. Traditionally set apart, it is increasingly being integrated into the rest of the house. This move towards open kitchens has obviously had consequences for the design and layout of this room. It is no longer enough for the kitchen to be functional, it must also be beautiful and blend into the space it shares with the living room or dining room. The Kiffa Model - Contemporary Trend is a perfect example of what is expected today from a made-to-measure kitchen. This project uses the most on-trend materials and colours to create a pleasant and practical space while also enhancing the decorative appeal of the home.


On-trend colours and materials

The Kiffa Model - Contemporary Trend’s attractive design is immediately eye-catching. Many modern kitchens choose monochrome decor, but here it’s all about the right blends. We move from a deep blue to a dark wood then a marble decor. Even the handles play their part by providing different styles (integrated and curved) and colours (copper and stainless steel). This could be a risky move, but the Kiffa Model - Contemporary Trend handles this composition in masterful style, demonstrating how to assimilate these fashionable elements and blend them effectively. The midnight blue colour brings real character to the made-to-measure units and helps associate them more clearly with the rest of the living space. Wood brings immediate warmth to the surroundings. It is a perennial favourite, offering authenticity and softness. Opting for Quercy walnut on the units also adds a touch of modernity. Finally, the marble effect of the worktop creates an element of surprise. This totally on-trend decor will meet with unanimous approval.


A linear fit-out full of surprises

Unlike kit kitchens offered by a kitchen manufacturer, the Kiffa Model - Contemporary Trend is the result of real expertise and a unique custom-made unit. Installed along the wall, this linear layout features a striking design. On each side of the worktop, doors provide overall symmetry for great visual appeal. In the centre, Quercy walnut wood sets the scene, adorning this space from head to toe. The central induction hob has pride of place yet is barely perceptible. This is the precise effect intended by this fitted kitchen, which seeks to conceal all its functional elements. The custom unit has been designed to integrate with the living room, merging with the other furniture, including a bookcase. The sink and household appliances (oven, fridge, microwave) are concealed behind doors, further accentuating this impression. Once closed, the doors leave nothing apparent, the living room and dining room regaining the entire space in the blink of an eye.


A multi-functional island
When planning a kitchen which will open onto the living room, the central island is an essential feature. It offers a large worktop and numerous storage units. In the case of the Kiffa Model - Contemporary Trend, it plays several roles. First and foremost, it ensures that the person preparing the meal does not have their back to the room. Its large worktop makes it possible to prepare food in comfort without feeling isolated. Extending out from a large and welcoming wooden table, it sits in the heart of the room, where the whole family can be accommodated. Its large storage areas are perfect for organising crockery and all cooking utensils. And last but not least, its style matches the rest of the kitchen, the marble decor providing a timeless appeal.


Precious advice

Come and discover the Kiffa Model - Contemporary Trend bespoke kitchen, as well as the other fitted kitchen models in our showrooms. Feel free to ask one of our Mobalpa designers to answer all your questions, on everything from price to delivery, and to define your project, including a quote.