Kiffa Model - Iconic Trend
Kitchen Kiffa Model - Iconic Trend Black tinted oak linear layout with island VP


A thoroughly contemporary island kitchen in a veranda created as a house extension, now filled with light. This unique look, combining dark tones of jet black, pink and burgundy, highlights the one-piece character of the central island. The doors have push-button openings for a zero-handle effect.

Kiffa fronts, jet black synchronous effect and tamaris pink matt.
Luxe Fenix® Rosso Jaipur laminated worktop.
Made-to-measure units, jet black synchronous effect and black matt.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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A designer kitchen with the Kiffa Model - Iconic Trend

Contemporary, sleek and stylish


The embodiment of an era
The Kiffa Model - Iconic Trend reflects the modern world. Its equipment is at the cutting edge of technology, while its decorative style incorporates the latest trends in design, colours and materials. As a result, this kitchen is as beautiful as it is comfortable. Installed in an extension with a glass panel, this open kitchen enjoys understated lines thanks to the absence of handles. Yet this sleek interior is actually quite unconventional, thanks in particular to the clever use of colours such as black and pink.


Clever management of materials and colours

This design leaves nothing to chance. Colours and materials play a vital role in creating a unique, modern and sophisticated atmosphere. The first thing which surprises about this room is its chromatic mixture, not often used in kitchens. Here, black finds itself competing with pink as well as Burgundy red. These three strong colours complement each other to create a unique design atmosphere, both soft and intense. The materials are also showcased by favouring a matt finish on the unit doors and worktop. By opting for matt melamine wood fronts, the kitchen loses none of its warmth, despite employing highly technical materials.


The one-piece island
For a kitchen opening onto the living room, a central island is essential. It offers a wide worktop and plenty of storage areas, and in the case of the Kiffa Model - Iconic Trend it is also equipped to be multi-functional. On the living-room and dining-room side, it provides multiple spaces, alternating open and closed storage areas. Two open-shelf units reduce the monolithic effect of the black island. Echoing the pink of the wall panel inside these open-shelf units provides real harmony of colour between the island and the linear fit-out. On the other side, functionality takes priority. Here we have a set of closed modules offering several storage solutions for preparation and cooking utensils. Last but not least, the worktop of this central island serves as a cooking area, integrating a flush-fitting induction hob. This means that the cook can face outwards, enjoying interaction with the rest of the household.


Cutting-edge equipment

We can’t talk about modern kitchens without mentioning equipment designed to improve ergonomics. A key aspect of this is modular storage. The Kiffa Model - Iconic Trend drawers are equipped with numerous accessories for better organisation and separation. The large deep drawers can hold wooden compartments that are infinitely stackable and modular. Partitions adapt the storage spaces to the size of utensils, while half-moon compartments facilitate access to cutlery. The wall panel has an ingenious system of modular panels, available only from Mobalpa, which can accommodate shelves and accessories as needed. To preserve the design dimension which is so important to the Kiffa Model - Iconic Trend, some household appliances are fully integrated, making them invisible when closed. This is the case, for example, with the dishwasher or refrigerator. Others, on the contrary, remain exposed thanks to their desirable aesthetics. These include the highly modern induction hob, with integrated[4] hood, which is both beautiful and innovative.


Bespoke pantry
Proving beyond doubt that the Kiffa Model - Iconic Trend is a kitchen unlike the rest, it even contains a hidden gem. Its bespoke larder is cleverly concealed behind a door clad in the same fronts as the rest of the kitchen. A real Aladdin’s cave, this space has an abundance of practical and stylish units. The internal drawers offer lots of storage capacity and unbeatable accessibility. They are perfect for storing all kinds of food. At the back of the pantry, a small worktop and closed cabinets complement the layout of the kitchen. This will provide the ideal place to store your small household appliances and provisions without cluttering up the main room.


Come and discover the designer Kiffa Model - Iconic Trend, as well as the other equipped kitchen models in our showrooms. Feel free to ask one of our Mobalpa designers to help you define your project and to answer all your questions on everything from price to delivery.