Kiffa Model - Imagine Trend
Kitchen Kiffa - Imagine Trend Terracotta matt with island VP

KitchenKiffa - imagine trend

Dare to inject some serious style! Use colour to renovate your kitchen. Here, sage green rivals terracotta in an Art Deco deco color block rendering, creating a simply gorgeous effect. Technical elements are cleverly hidden behind the closed units, out of sight, allowing you to move around seamlessly in this ultra-ergonomic space. A functional and contemporary kitchen. Enjoy a uniquely individual experience.

Kiffa fronts, terracotta matt and sage green matt, handleless brass profiles.
Luxe Fenix® Piombo Doha laminated and oiled black oak varnished worktops.

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mobalpa anne-laure mais

« Une cuisine familiale comme on la rêvait »

Près de Bordeaux, la maison de famille d’Anne-Laure et Edouard impressionne par ses dimensions. À commencer par la cuisine.

Ils la souhaitaient pratique et contemporaine, pour pouvoir y vivre et recevoir, mais aussi authentique, avec des objets chinés en brocante.

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The trendy kitchen with Kiffa - Imagine Trend

Push the limits 


The power of imagination

With imagination, anything is possible. For example, you can go back in time and find yourself in a beautiful time atmosphere. Kiffa - Imagine Trend achieves this feat: this new kitchen seems to have always belonged to this house. However, when you look at the details, you realize that it is very modern. Kitchens like are rare: they manage to combine the latest trends in color, materials, layout and design.

The Kiffa - Imagine Trend is a trendy kitchen that is unlike any other.  Its I-shaped layout with a one-piece island stands out with the addition of a large work area in black oak varnished and oiled that serves as both a preparation and reception area. Integrated into a large room with arched openings, this kitchen respects the art deco style of this house. Technical elements such as appliances have been hidden as much as possible in order to minimize their impact on the decoration. They are grouped in the wall of cabinets that seems to blend into the room thanks to the choice of the single color. In contrast, the furniture in the Kiffa - Imagine Trend environment has elegant fronts in matte terracotta melamine. The handleless brass profiles accentuate the design effect of this set. At each end, glass shelves allow you to personalize the room and display beautiful decorative objects. The worktop is original, using two very different but complementary materials: a Fenix laminate with a surprisingly velvety finish, and a varnished black oak wood that is not lacking in character. The wooden reception table is without a doubt the centerpiece of this kitchen, both modern and precious. Finally, the credenza is original with its porcelain stoneware tiles with a designer look. 

Immediate love at first sight for the art deco style

Decoration, like fashion, is an eternal restart. The proof is in the pudding with this trendy kitchen that scores high marks for style, design, colors and materials. In this house dating from the 20's, the renovation had to integrate all the modern comfort while keeping the inimitable art deco style of its time. For the kitchen, it was therefore unthinkable not to ensure this continuity.  How to define this art deco style? The atmosphere must be chic and elegant, and for this it relies heavily on graphic and geometric elements. In terms of colors, the art deco style relies on a muted atmosphere and discreet metallic touches (gold or brass for example). The associations of colors must be sought but always soft, the art deco style does not allow any fantasy too showy in terms of colors. By opting for a combination of sage green and terracotta, the Kiffa - Imagine Trend kitchen perfectly respects these specifications. Velvety materials are also appreciated, which is why the Fenix worktop with its silky finish is particularly well suited to this kitchen. Logically, this style is also based on noble materials such as wood. Finally, the details do not deceive: the brass-colored handleless profiles of the furniture, the opal glass suspensions or the glass shelves give this space a unique atmosphere, a trendy mix of modernity and past elegance. We can only succumb to the charm of trendy kitchens that use the art deco style!

Bold design

What are the ideas to remember about this layout? The clear separation between the appliances grouped in the wall of tone-on-tone cabinets allows the focus to be on decoration and finishing touches. The glass shelves on either side of the shelving provide a very aesthetic false symmetry while delivering a very soft lighting. Even though trendy kitchens should have a very visual and graphic approach, they should not skip out on comfort. Furniture equipped with a folding door system improves ergonomics and facilitates storage in the home. Finally, the one-piece island is topped by another rounded work surface to welcome guests. This variation in height between the island and the dining area is further proof that there is no shortage of design ideas in this layout. Kiffa - Imagine Trend is definitely a trendy kitchen.

Come and discover the trendy Kiffa - Imagine Trend kitchen as well as the other kitchen models in our showrooms. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the advice of the Mobalpa designers. They are there to refine your project and answer all your questions, from price to delivery.