Kiffa Model - Raw Nature Trend
Kitchen Kiffa Model - Raw Nature Trend White gloss arranged in a row with an island VP


Located in the extension of a townhouse, this warm and welcoming kitchen places the emphasis on materials. Wood, stone and metal combine to produce an authentic ambiance, bathed in light.
Without wall units, for a lighter feel, this kitchen features an excellent circulation and preparation area around the central island, perfect as a convivial, shared space.
The kitchen—which, in principle, is completely open towards the living room—can also be closed off using the sliding glass partitions. Their glazed design permits visibility and light, while also offering the option of insulating the room from noise and smells, which may be generated by meal preparation.

Kiffa fronts, natural bleached oak, Gallion stainless steel handles.
Naturaplan black magma flamed worktop.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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The KIFFA MODEL - Raw Nature Trend white and wood kitchen

A warm and gentle atmosphere, going back to basics


A tribute to nature’s beauty
As we all become more environmentally aware, nature is regaining its status as a model of beauty and wisdom. Today, interior decoration is taking inspiration from plants and minerals to create modern spaces that are both natural and pure. In harmony with the peaceful world around it, the KIFFA MODEL - Raw Nature Trend kitchen exudes all the tranquillity and serenity of this decorative style. Step into this space and you will feel refreshed almost instantly, as if you’ve just enjoyed a meditation session.


The KIFFA MODEL - Raw Nature Trend is a white and wood kitchen. Its L-shaped layout with a central island, as shown in the photos, covers an area of approximately 10 m2 in the extension of this townhouse. Located at the rear of the house, this semi-open kitchen comprises base units, two tall units, and a single open shelf running along the upper section. It offers a large workspace in the form of the central island, which also serves as a storage area. The units are fitted with natural white oak melamine fronts and Gallion stainless steel handles, all perfectly suited to this white interior. The worktop and wall panel are made from a natural stone called Naturaplan. Several household appliances are strategically fitted in this kitchen. A multi-function oven, an induction hob and a wine rack cleverly positioned in the central island complete the fit-out.


When raw materials are exposed
This kitchen is above all a reflection on the use of raw materials and ways of optimising their decorative value. Drawing on the natural beauty of elements found in the outside world, this modern kitchen uses materials in their simplest expression. The melamine oak fronts of the units first expose wood as a primary asset. Its white appearance provides a gentle response to the immaculate walls of this kitchen. Combined with wood, the stone of the worktop and wall panel continues the same natural theme. The materials thus appear to have come directly from the outside world, with little human interference along the way. The metal of the Steeltrend open shelving units on the central island is the only compromise allowed, instilling a designer style which further underlines the celebration of nature.


A soothing, shared space

This kitchen exudes a real feeling of well-being and calm, made possible thanks to the special layout of the room. The circulation space is unencumbered and free from all constraints, with easy passage around the central island. The view is totally unrestricted thanks to partial underuse of the upper section. Replacing the usual high units with a single shelf on which a few decorative objects are displayed, the KIFFA MODEL - Raw Nature Trend expresses the desire for a clear horizon, suggesting an environment without limits. This streamlined feel is further reinforced by the presence of a wall panel just 15 cm tall. Very useful for kitchen upkeep yet highly discreet, the Naturaplan natural stone wall panel is an ideal solution for this type of design setting. As a result, the overall look is soothing and consistent, without appearing too cold. White predominates, but is softened on contact with the wood, while norite grey adds a sharper colour. This combination of just a few materials and an airy layout creates the inimitable style found in the KIFFA MODEL - Raw Nature Trend.


Lights and openings

An abundance of ideas can be found in this kitchen, which showcases natural materials. The designers have made great use of the exceptional location of this space. The floor-to-ceiling opening leading into the garden invites contemplation. The sun floods this space with natural light, and easier access is provided to resources available outside, such as plants and herbs. This white kitchen also has glass doors leading into the main room of the house. Opening these doors allows effortless interaction with the living room. Closing them isolates the kitchen, and cuts off any unwanted noise or aromas resulting from the preparation of meals. Bright and open, the KIFFA MODEL - Raw Nature Trend offers a welcoming, enjoyable space at any time of day.


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