Kiffa Model - Vegetal Trend

Kiffa - Vegetal Trend Natural oak synchronous effect U-shaped VP


Fancy going green? The white and green tones, blended with warm woods with striking veining, will bring a touch of softness. Created with eco-responsible customers in mind, this kitchen is designed to house bulk food storage. Its simple and pragmatic design will create a serene living space.

Kiffa fronts, amber oak structured, olive green matt and porcelain white matt, white matt lacquered handleless profiles.
Made-to-measure bookcase, amber oak structured.
Made-to-measure larder, white Virgule handle.
Pierredeplan Origins matt Little Terrazzo quartz worktop.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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Wooden kitchen with Kiffa Vegetal Trend


Wood in the kitchen, a gateway to nature


Plant inspiration

Increasingly sensitive to the environment, people are trying to understand nature better but also to live better with it. It is no longer a question of opposing progress to the natural environment but of creating a healthy and profitable collaboration. In interior design, nature, and particularly the plant world, is becoming more and more attractive. It inspires with its soft, soothing colours, but it doesn't stop there. It also influences the way in which spaces can be shared. Kiffa Vegetal Trend is a kitchen that reflects this new vision. Its colours (white, green) and materials (wood, quartz) obviously refer to nature, but its layout is also designed for new uses, more in line with environmental concerns.

Kiffa Vegetal Trend is a wooden kitchen that makes the most of natural materials.  Its atypical U-shaped layout makes it possible to rethink the boundaries in this bright house. This family kitchen without an island shares its space with the living room without betraying the general atmosphere desired by the occupants. On the one hand, it is integrated into the living room thanks to its bookcase-type wall layout, and on the other, it offers a dressing area designed as a cloakroom near the French window. The furniture in the Kiffa Vegetal Trend environment is dressed in amber oak, olive green and porcelain white matte fronts, a colour combination that refers to the plant world. Without handles, these units incorporate white lacquered profiles to reinforce the discreet and efficient style of this kitchen. The worktop plays the design card with its Quartz material, the terrazzo pattern underlines its trendy side. The same goes for the credenza on the cooking side, with its zellige tiles, which are as sublime as they are easy to maintain. 


Wood, the star of the new kitchens 

Modern kitchens are rehabilitating wood. It is now at the forefront of different styles. Combined with the colour white, wood is appreciated for its Scandinavian style: in this case, light oak is most often used for kitchens that want this type of decoration. More contemporary in spirit, wood can also be combined with black. In this case, a darker species such as walnut is chosen, often with a more solid appearance. Finally, wooden kitchens can also be used in a natural setting: the green touch of the Kiffa Vegetal Trend combined with the wood of the oak fronts places this kitchen in the heart of nature.


Natural and mineral materials

Raw materials are given pride of place: wood, of course, but also stone such as quartz on the worktop. This choice of materials is not insignificant: it gives character to the decoration while respecting the specifications. The range of colours is rather discreet: the amber oak and the matt white barely stand out, the olive green colour is the only one to stand out from the rest of the room. To avoid an overly austere look, the kitchen takes a design cue by opting for objects with organic shapes such as cane lights or ceramic vases. However, naturalness is always favoured so that the whole remains harmonious. 


Rethinking the codes of the home

In recent years, kitchens with islands have become increasingly popular. This is a practical solution when you have a large living room. With the Kiffa Vegetal Trend, a new approach is taken with a kitchen that is more clearly defined but still has a link to the rest of the space. For example, the furniture is coordinated to provide the same visual unity. The storage units are also adapted to new uses: the pantry, which is very functional, can house a large number of jars and boxes for storing bulk food. When closed, it is indistinguishable from other furniture in the house. Even without an island, this kitchen remains convivial, thanks in particular to its wide work surface oriented towards the living room and the dining room.

Come and discover the Kiffa Vegetal Trend wooden kitchen as well as the other kitchen models in our showrooms. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the advice of Mobalpa designers. They are there to refine your project and answer all your questions, from price to delivery.