Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend

Kitchen Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend Cesar brown stone U-shaped layout VP


In this natural and mineral trend, the outdoors comes indoors and the boundaries of the room disappear. The kitchen, as the central element of the living space, opens onto the terrace and gives forth its very own form of expression.
The Steeltrend metal shelves structure the units by creating open spaces which are ideal for plants and handy for storing dried foods.
To offer more breathing space, the wall units have also been replaced by overhead shelves showcasing decorative objects.

Luxe Line fronts, Futura Caesar brown stone laminated, black matt handles.
Luxe Futura Caesar brown stone laminated worktop.
Woodtrend and Steeltrend decorative units.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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An open kitchen with the Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend

Refocusing on the essentials


All that the Earth provides
The resources we have today cannot be taken for granted, making them all the more precious. To honour and preserve these treasures we must show them the respect they so obviously deserve, as well as taking time to reconnect with nature. The Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend kitchen shows us how to live up to this ideal: drawing inspiration from authentic materials such as stone and wood, it sharpens our ecological awareness. Opening towards the outside, this room encourages awareness of the beauty that surrounds us. Lastly, it offers equipment for better sorting, helping us to move towards zero waste.


Minerality as a touchstone

The Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend kitchen is not just based around a colour, it is first and foremost based around a material. With its Cesar Brown Stone laminate fronts, this room showcases natural mineral beauty. This direct reference to stone, both on the doors and worktop, produces a calming effect. An overly solid feel is skilfully avoided thanks to the presence of metal open-shelf units from the Steeltrend collection, structuring the space and providing practical openings. All units therefore offer a combination of beautiful closed and open storage spaces.


The return of wood

The austerity of the stone is also given warmth by the well-considered presence of a few wooden elements such as drawers, wall shelves, or a dining table and benches. The chosen wood species (Amber oak structured) is as soft as possible, to lessen the coldness of the grey. Far from traditional kitchens, the aim is to show this material in its most natural form. Wood is also subtly evoked with the presence of caning on the hanging brackets. All these details reinforce the feeling of well-being when you enter this room of the house. By fostering connections between nature and the city dweller, this open kitchen recalls the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School style This American architecture remains a reference model for all those who regard the environment as a resource to be preserved and an influential space.


The new open kitchen style

With a large living room like the one shown in the main photo, there is an obvious temptation to choose an open kitchen with a central island. Such kitchens, oriented towards the dining room or living room, use this furniture to create a smooth transition. The central island is now considered a key piece of furniture in open kitchens. However, the Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend has chosen a slightly more specific plan: a U-shaped layout with an opening deliberately facing the terrace and the garden dining area. Why choose this arrangement? There are several reasons. By creating an obvious connection between the interior and the exterior, this layout continues the nature theme already present in the decor. This orientation is also advantageous because it gives the benefit of natural light from the large bay windows. And in good weather it encourages thoughts of stepping outside the house to enjoy an al fresco meal.

A fit-out that facilitates zero waste

The goal of zero waste in the kitchen is an increasingly popular one, but it can at first seem a daunting task. Fortunately, this environmental challenge can be met more easily with a few fit-out solutions in the kitchen. The Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend includes lots of great ideas for better waste management and consumption, while also retaining a contemporary decor! Under the sink, the deep drawer conceals a compartmentalised waste bin unit with room for three separate buckets, making glass, recyclable waste and household waste simpler to sort. But it's even easier not to fill your bin if you can avoid unnecessary packaging. Here again, the Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend features units which offer practical solutions while remaining stylish. The large wooden deep drawers are perfect for holding lots of jars, or even for storing vegetables in the manner of traditional larders. Finally, note the presence of aromatic herb gardens on the worktop, ideal for a fresh kitchen with a natural feel. Visible from the living room, they also serve a decorative purpose.


Come and discover the Luxe Line Model - Re-energise Trend open kitchen, as well as the other fitted kitchen models in our showrooms.