Luxe Model - Signature Trend
Kitchen Luxe Model - Signature Trend Midnight blue matt linear layout with island VP


A kitchen island providing an elegant cocoon within a classic Parisian building. The dark blue tones of the doors and Fenix kitchen worktops, the entirely handleless look… All these elements emphasise the monolithic appeal of the central island. The linear design uses symmetry, with its central tall units flanked by two separate areas dedicated to preparation and cleaning. The open shelves, airily spacious, are enhanced with subtle lighting.

Luxe Line f ronts, Fenix® Blu Fes laminated, black matt lacquered profiles.
Luxe Fenix® Blu Fes laminated worktop.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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A fitted designer kitchen: the Luxe Model - Signature Trend

Impose your own style while respecting the original space.


A unique atmosphere
Every great chef has their signature dish, an iconic recipe which demonstrates their ideas and skills. This strong sense of identity can also be found in the Luxe Model - Signature Trend, highlighting Mobalpa's know-how and experience in designing exceptional bespoke kitchens.


The Luxe Model - Signature Trend is a high-end kitchen offering both designer chic and monochrome appeal. Its I-shaped layout with a central island, as shown here, is ideal for the 19 m2 dedicated to it this Haussmannian apartment. This open kitchen includes, in the background, several units in the lower section, two cabinets at central level, and open shelves in the upper area. It is enriched by a majestic, monolithic central island, housing most of the domestic appliances and providing multiple storage spaces. The various units are clad in Luxe Line Blu Fes fronts. For the worktop, Fenix material in the same dark blue colour completes the overall effect. This modern kitchen features a range of impressively discreet appliances: a multi-purpose oven, a three-ring hob, and a full-size dishwasher.


The kitchen island as centrepiece
Seeing the Luxe Model - Signature Trend for the first time, the central island is what immediately catches your eye. Imposing and proudly positioned in the centre of the kitchen, it matches the beauty of its location. After all, in this Haussmannian apartment, it was naturally important for the project to create a room truly worthy of its surroundings. While retaining the modern spirit of the open kitchen, the Luxe Model - Signature Trend manages to carve out its own personal style by subverting the codes of Haussmannian design. Just as the linearity of the units replaces the mouldings, and as dark blue replaces traditional white, the central island plays the decorative role once occupied by a wood-burning fireplace in this type of home. But this unit does not just serve an aesthetic purpose. Operating as a real control centre, it houses the cooking appliances: an induction hob and a multi-function oven. And being entirely dedicated to the cooking area, this strategic unit improves ergonomics and circulation in the kitchen.


A monochrome kitchen: the strong colour trend of the moment

The central island is not the only element of the Luxe Model - Signature Trend which plays an important role. It’s immediately obvious that the unique colour of this fitted kitchen is one of its key strengths. Departing from standard classics such as white or wood (solid or light oak, for example) this deep blue, known as Blu Fes, gives the kitchen a very special identity. Using the same shade for the walls has created overall consistency, even though several separate areas coexist within the same space. This choice works on two levels, ensuring the kitchen blends into its environment while also accentuating its designer credentials with an exceptional colour.


Attention to detail

Another unique facet of the Luxe Model - Signature Trend concerns the hidden details which distinguish it from other kitchens. Firstly, there is the special appearance of the worktop, made possible thanks to the Fenix material used. Its matt finish and velvety feel add an extra touch of design, as if to declare that this is a kitchen unlike the rest, a design unrivalled in terms of originality. The handleless profiles of the fronts emphasise the sleek lines of this space. The combination of black integrated profiles and dark blue units offers an unmistakable elegance. All these details combine to make the Luxe Model - Signature Trend a high-end kitchen which fits perfectly into its dedicated space. It proves beyond doubt that finishes, even if invisible, make all the difference when completing a project such as this.

Come and discover the unique Luxe Model - Signature Trend, as well as the other fitted kitchen models in our showrooms. Feel free to ask one of our Mobalpa designers to help you define your project and to answer all your questions on everything from price to delivery.