Materials and colours

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  • Fénix verde comodoro HPL
    Fenix verde comodoro
  • Fénix rosso Jaipur HPL
    Fenix rosso Jaipur
  • A coloured kitchen or nothing

    Materials and colours for your kitchen furniture

    Your choice of kitchen colour depends on the layout of the room and the location of your kitchen.
    Light colours will tend to make the room larger and bring light to a small kitchen.
    Dark colours will create a chic and modern look for a kitchen that opens onto the living room.
    Warm tones will be ideal to warm up the atmosphere, while pastel shades will bring softness and serenity to a sober and pure kitchen.

  • Fénix piombo doha HPL
    Fenix piombo doha
  • Métal fénix oro cortez HPL
    Fenix oro cortez
  • Fénix noir Ingo HPL
    Fenix black Ingo
  • Façade unie Fénix grigio Londra HPL
    Fenix grigio Londra
  • Fénix cacao Orinoco HPL
    Fenix cacao Orinoco
  • Fénix blu Fes HPL
    Fenix blu Fes
  • Fénix blanc Kos HPL
    Fenix white Kos
  • Fénix beige Arizona HPL
    Fenix beige Arizona
  • Métal Fénix argento dukat HPL
    Fenix argento Dukat
  • Métal Fénix acciaio Hamilton
    Fenix acciaio Hamilton
  • Métal décor Inox
    Stainless steel decor
  • Texture dark pulpis
    Dark pulpis
  • Texture curry verni mat
    Curry matt varnished
  • Laqué corail brillant
    Coral gloss lacquer
  • Texture ciment gris structuré
    Cement grey structured
  • Ciment clair structuré
    Cement light structured
  • Chêne synchrone
    Oak synchronous effect
  • Acier gris verni mat
    Grey steel matt varnished
  • Bois chêne Sierra clair structuré
    Light sierra oak structured
  • Bois chêne naturel synchrone
    Natural oak synchronous effect
  • Chêne naturel blanchi synchrone
    Natural bleached oak synchronous effect
  • Chêne Héritage
    Heritage oak
  • Acier graphite verni mat
    Graphite steel matt varnished
  • Chêne
  • D51 Azul Marino Verni Brillant
    Azul marino gloss varnished
  • Texture cesar brown stone HPL
    Cesar brown stone
  • D53 Verde Salvia Verni Brillant
    Verde salvia gloss varnished
  • 180 Caramel brillant
    Caramel gloss

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