Melia Model - Aromatic Trend
Kitchen Melia Model - Aromatic Trend Aravis white gloss U-shaped layout VP


In this open-plan white and green kitchen in the heart of the living area, everything has been designed to combine convenience with style: a large wall of kitchen cabinets for optimal storage volume, made-to-measure units and herb container on the living-room side raised to conceal the kitchen area, worktop in slate-coloured quartz for a mineral look.

Melia DL graphite gloss varnished, Melia white matt varnished and Tallys Genoa green matt lacquer fronts.
Neho black matt nickel finish handles.
Pierredeplan quartz slate matt worktop.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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An original kitchen with the Melia Model - Aromatic Trend

The green spirit reigns in this designer kitchen !


A Provençal feel
Aromatic herbs have always enhanced our meals. Recognised for their nutritional and medicinal value, they are also used for their wonderful aromas. Today, driven by the vegetarian and vegan trend, this type of condiment is a precious asset for adding an original flavour to our vegetables. Aromatic plants and herbs are ideal for bringing great taste to the healthiest recipes, as the perfect substitute for less wholesome ingredients. The original idea behind this trend was to offer a herb planter directly integrated into the kitchen furnishings. This initial concept ultimately spread to the overall style of the kitchen, with colours inspired by nature, mineral-based materials, and a space bathed in light. And while the green spirit reigns here, modern comfort has not been overlooked. With its flush-fitting appliances and layout solutions, the Melia Model - Aromatic Trend is both beautiful and practical.


The Melia Model - Aromatic Trend offers an original kitchen that is sure to impress. Its U-shaped layout embraces the large living area, creating a new space in this modern home. This open kitchen offers lots of storage volume, with areas dedicated to kitchenware and accessories on one side, and furniture units designed to hold crockery and decorative objects on the other. By way of a further surprise, this model includes a planter integrated into the wall panel to create an indoor vegetable garden. The units of the Melia Model - Aromatic Trend are clad with fronts in multiple colours for a unique finish. This kitchen has a magnificent slate Pierredeplan quartz worktop. This type of material is even sturdier than stone or wood and requires no special maintenance, so it is perfectly suited to this strategic location. The fully equipped kitchen incorporates standard appliances such as an oven, microwave and fridge into a tall-unit block.


One kitchen, three colours
To maintain harmony when decorating, it is advisable never to use more than three different colours. That advice has paid off in this kitchen, with a daring trio of tones. First comes white, which provides a neutral base and helps illuminate the room. Next comes Genoa green, a fairly dark shade that evokes the world of plants. Combined with white, this green is softened, becoming more stylish and agreeable. Then the decor is completed with a touch of black. Used for the worktop, part of the units and the wall installation, this intense colour brings a decorative and designer aspect to our thoroughly on-trend kitchen.


A new approach

Resolutely focused on the living room and dining room, this kitchen is organised around a custom-made unit which marks out a specific area while retaining the principle of openness. Thanks to its non-linear height, this unit offers originality in terms of its design, and can meet a range of requirements. It includes lots of storage areas without isolating the person doing the cooking, and it offers a wall panel by the sink to protect against splashing. Finally, let’s not forget the herb garden, also next to the wall panel, which changes the way we cook and brings a unique decorative and olfactory dimension.


Front and back storage

What is the recipe for a tidy kitchen? The Melia Model - Aromatic Trend offers many solutions for an environment that adapts to everyday life. On the kitchen side, a set of drawers and cupboards are provided which enable easy organisation of all your kitchen utensils. Space is saved by the corner unit with rotating carousel. This kitchen also has interior fittings such as the tea-towel and sponge storage area, and the bottle and spice rack. The tall-unit block, for its part, allows you to organise your provisions thanks to full-extension internal drawers. This original set of solutions, combined according to your ideas and preferences, enables limitless possibilities.


Come and discover the Melia Model - Aromatic Trend original kitchen, as well as the other fitted kitchens models in our showrooms. Feel free to ask for advice from Mobalpa designers. They are there to help you define your project and to answer all your questions on everything from price to delivery.