Melia Model - Black Trend
Kitchen Melia Model - Black Trend Black matt varnished with island VP


This matt black open-plan kitchen offers refined elegance and distinctive style. The solid walnut worktop breaks up the central island and showcases the dining area.
The bespoke destructured wall shelves and backlit open units add a decorative touch for a perfect finish.

Melia fronts, black matt varnished, Leoni black nickel handles.
Luxe Fenix® Ingo black matt laminated and oiled European walnut varnished worktops.

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We love this blue kitchen with island Visual 01

"We love this blue kitchen with island"

The customers live with their 2 children in a beautiful apartment. They wanted to completely redesign their kitchen. They also wanted to make their bathroom more cosy and set up a dressing room in the adjoining room.

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The Melia Model - Black Trend kitchen

Every shade of black in the kitchen.


The power of black
Black is a mystery, a colour associated with night and things normally hidden. Used in decoration, the key is to tame its power and aura, which can seem negative. Employed correctly, the results can exceed all expectations. With the Black Trend, this colour seems as precious as any diamond. Sleek, elegant and refined, it enhances this kitchen and reveals the beauty of the space without ever seeming gloomy or dull.


The Melia Model - Black Trend is a resolutely modern black kitchen. Its I-shaped layout plan with a central island, as seen here, is perfect for use in this loft-style designer interior. This open kitchen combines several distinct and original elements which make this project unique, despite the omnipresent black. The central island, the core piece in this fit-out, offers a large surface for preparing meals and a wonderful dining area made from precious wood. The fronts of the Melia Model - Black Trend units, as well as the worktop, are clad in an elegant and refined matt black. The handles, also black, subtly emphasise the lines of this exceptional kitchen. Fully equipped, it includes all the appliances needed for optimal performance.


Dark elegance

For many years, black was avoided for decorating the rooms of a house. Considered too sombre and easily dirtied, this colour was naturally overlooked when it came to choosing shades for the kitchen, white being given preference. It took a long time for black to find its rightful place in this strategically important room. It was first timidly combined with white, the more obvious choice for a kitchen, or wood, always a warmer option. Gradually, however, decorative styles have undergone radical change. The colour black has become a strong design trend and can now be seen throughout the house, particularly in kitchens. Today, black has attained its ultimate incarnation: a total matt look, which does however require a few adjustments to avoid the pitfalls inherent in this colour, so different from all other shades.


Precious wood

How can a completely black kitchen look bright? On paper, the Melia Model - Black Trend, with so many matt black elements, can seem a frightening prospect. However, seen in real life, it catches the light and exudes a warm, subdued atmosphere. This magic happens thanks to the contribution of the wood used in the dining area and on part of the worktop. In complement to the innate elegance of the matt black on the fronts and handles, solid wood, a living material, provides a perfect touch of warmth. The Melia Model - Black Trend uses walnut, darker than other wood species, to maintain its sophisticated and delicate style. This noble material is easy to match with the most modern creations, especially when unusual elements are employed, as is the case here.


Reinventing the space

But the on-trend combination of black and wood is not the only thing which explains the exceptional beauty of this kitchen. We need to study its fit-out in closer detail to understand what makes it so special. This kitchen design benefits greatly from the almost hidden interplay of certain elements. Instead of tall traditional units, interconnected wall shelves lighten the upper level to ensure a space which is both airy and original. In the same spirit, smoked glass units retain the black colour feel while also illuminating the kitchen. The Melia Model - Black Trend continuously plays with sizes and spaces to create a sense of surprise. The unexpected presence of wood on the worktop deliberately disrupts the overall linearity, echoing the table of the central island. Finally, open-shelf units with built-in lighting draw attention to carefully chosen decorative objects. Ultimately, the Melia Model - Black Trend proves to be a masterstroke: black has never seemed so elegant!


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